Camp 2022


We are in the process of creating the letters and forms for Camp 2022. If you are interested in your child(ren) attending Camp 2022 please complete one of our forms or contact us directly.

We will be returning to a favourite of ours, we’re off to the Isle of Wight and Sunny Whitecliffe Bay. The Campsite is located just off Peacock Hill, Whitecliffe Bay, near Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. It is located five minutes’ walk from the beach at Whitecliffe Bay where there is ample space on which all sorts of games can be played. Whitecliffe Bay is on the eastern side of the Isle of Wight between Sandown and Bembridge.


Coach Comments 2021

Every year on the way home, upon this coach journey we always try and get comments from our campers. As the children begin to return to school it feels a good time to look back and share these. Enjoy.

14+ ;

I had a great time at camp this year. I was a squad leader for the first time which was awesome. Looking forward to next year already – Hannah 14+

I had an amazing time at camp this year. It was my first time being 14+ and the Wide Game was everything I expected and much more -14+ Member

This camp was very special to me as I got to see people that I have missed a lot. I have gained new bonds with others and it has been one of my favourite years as I was in the 14+ for the first time – Holly 14+

I really enjoyed Camp, I just don’t show much emotion at times. I really liked the activities. 14+ Member.

This year I really enjoyed Camp, The week as a whole was great and 100% coming again. Thank you all. – John 14+

Another great Camp has come to an end. So many great memories in such a short amount of time. My last year as a camper was far different from the past years, however just as brilliant. The staff were amazing and I can’t wait to come back next year as one of them. Ben

It’s been so nice to come back to Camp this year and the forced hiatus seems not to have dampened everyone’s enthusiasm, particularly the staff and the effort they put into the activities. It was even nice to have PT up and running. Wednesday is always a highlight for me, with both Hunt the Officer and the Wide Game. I think Hunt the Officer was a good amount of time and I enjoyed the costumes (especially the hoovers). Its been great to be back. 14+ Member

Camp this year was even more exciting than most years as we missed 2020! It was great to see everyone again, my first Wide Game gave me a great story to tell and I can’t wait for Camp 2022. – Lizzi


I enjoyed the adventure and the sequel adventure was really good, especially dodgems then the sequel was games I knew and loved turned up to 11, amazing Thursday afternoon and evening (and the sun was out). – Harry

Camp this year was honestly a brand new experience and a chance to renew friendships. A little more sleep would be nice. Senior Member

Camp this year was a welcome and fun distraction from some tough situations outside of it. The staff put together some quality entertainment 🙂 – Senior Member

Camp is always fun and even though it’s once a year it makes it a year to remember. Even though the weather is sometimes a disappointment, the people and fun never let me down. – Nathan

I enjoyed spending time with everyone and the beach. – Luca

I enjoyed seeing everyone and winning top tent twice in a row and I liked going to the beach. – Ellis

I really enjoyed camp this year. The weather was damp but the mood never disappointed. I particularly enjoyed the Senior programme and Hunt the Officer. Thanks to everyone involved in those, all staff and most campers for making it FUN. – Edward

I enjoyed evening programmes. – Eloise


Camp was great this year. I really enjoyed the Cabaret and the Junior games and the puddings. The weather may not have been great but camp was.

I enjoyed doing the activities and sleeping. – Jessica

Camp was very cool. It was good to meet new people at Camp. It was a bit odd because it was my first year. – Paige

I enjoyed everything. – Sophia

I enjoyed the evening program. – Isla

I enjoyed going out and playing with the diablo. – Naariah

Bonus from some of our staff

First year as staff! A total change to what my norm was at camp previously. It came with many new challenges like making your own game. However, I wouldn’t change it. Overall, this week at camp was amazing and I wouldn’t change any of it… Well maybe the weather.

Camp is always a great part of the year allowing everyone a little break from their usual lives. I loved having a week to relax and forget about uni work. I look forward to next year, thanks to everyone involved!

So good to see everyone again and great to see so many new staff & campers!

CO Message;

A massive thank you to the staff for all their hard work over the last few months to help make camp the success it was. It was a stressful year for the COs to ensure camp could run, but it was well worth it once we got all 95 people onsite. We are so pleased we could deliver a safe, fun and Covid free week – I think the children and staff all deserve this normal summer break. It was lovely to see so many new faces within our children and staff ranks. Every child was amazing, so the biggest thanks is to them. Warren

Camp 2021 Reflection

Life is slowly returning to normal, as the children enjoy the last few days of the summer holidays and the staff return to their normal day jobs. Post Camp I am left with three things: a bag full of damp laundry, ten full boxes of Camp equipment to go back into storage and (most importantly) a head full of memories from this year’s fantastic week.

While the weather was not what we would have hoped for, like always the staff rallied together to adapt the planned activities and ensure that fun was had by all. I’m pleased to report that everything on the schedule happened, even if not when it was originally planned; for example the normal camp photo was taken four days later to ensure we had some sun behind us – even if it only made a brief appearance!

The sports and PT teams put on a fabulous variety of games, adjusting these ideas to suit a marquee that was a lot narrower than our usual one; this included brilliant games such as bench-ball and crab football. When the sun was out, it was also great to hear the cry of “goal” – as the campers kicked a ball across the field – or to see the regular use of the very popular diablos (these were also expertly used by John and Keon in our Cabaret). A massive well done our sports team of Sophie, James, Lily and Robbie – I personally was loving the “Frozen” themed PT this year!

When the skies are grey and the temperature is cold, we need lovely hot food. This was delivered from morning until dinner – not an easy feat when you’re catering for nearly one hundred people! The breakfast team’s hard work helped kick start every morning – thanks to Barry, Dave, Sam, Simon and anyone that helped with the cooking through the week. This was made especially difficult once the food processor broke on day two, which resulted in many hours of chopping vegetables for ninety-five hungry mouths. Well done team!

Personally when I was a camper the most fun I had was on the evening programmes, where you would do fun and often silly games with your age group. I managed to see a lot of the different programmes and the kids loved them as always. The amount of brilliant ideas and planning that the staff had to do (mostly over zoom) this year definitely paid off. Some highlights for me; the Juniors training to be ‘silly sealions’, the seniors being chased by giants in the woods and the 14plus learning kung fu dancing. For more information your best bet is to ask the campers who all got stuck in and tried their best, often receiving Adj tokens for their efforts – which they could then trade in for prizes. A big thank you to all involved in the programmes under the leadership of Jessi, Josh, Mart and Graeme. I’d also like to mention the early planning by Paul and Beth who were unfortunately unable to attend after putting in so much work.

Next up is a camp activity I was personally never great at, Super Squad. Think house points from Harry Potter meets a wet marquee in Wales. This year’s biggest rivalry was between two squads with leaders who are best friends; Ben’s ‘Father’s Day’ verses Simon’s ‘Easter’. This hard fought battle ended with Simon managing to snatch the win and the John Hay shield on the final day. What a week Simon had, Super Squad and his third Wide Game victory. I am sure if you ask him he would say he couldn’t have won the squad competition without his squad though – a big well done to Holly, Fred, Eloise, Gabriel and Naariah for this.

From a CO perspective, this camp has definitely been the hardest to plan. From having to change the location, last minute cancellations, zoom meetings, covid restrictions and testing plans… it really has been a very long road to Wales. Myself, Rhi and Martin are very happy we battled through to make camp happen. Camp, along with Carey and Belmont church have all played a massive part in our lives and we really wanted to make sure it was only a one year break if possible. The campers deserve a holiday after what must have been such a challenging year. It was also important to welcome up the next generation of our staff, with James, Kayleigh, Josie, Lily, Robbie, Lucy and Jess all joining the staff after earning their stripes as Juniors, Seniors and 14plus.

It was also great to see so many new faces as campers; Luca, Gabriel, Harry, Lenny, Naariah, Isla, Sophia, Paige, Ellis & Jessica – every one of them was amazing and we hope they had a good time too.

As I put the last box of equipment into my loft, I will smile and look forward to dragging it back out again in eleven months time as we head for the (hopefully sunny) Isle of Wight. It will be the 13th-20th August next year and we look forward to seeing you all back, plus hopefully some new faces too.

Thank you for making this year’s camp a memorable one and enjoy the rest of the summer!


Friday 20th

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we had to make a few changes to camp this year – regular lateral flow testing for Seniors, 14+, and staff, limited movement between tables in the marquee, and a number of contingency plans in the event of a positive case. Another big change was the date of our day trip. Having our big camp day out on the Friday instead of the Tuesday certainly threw off a lot of our regular campers, and we didn’t know if we were coming or going! Thankfully we WERE going, and we all got up bright and early for a fun day at Gulliver’s World.

The day started off with the ever-popular PT, followed by a breakfast of cereals, toast, beans, and baked cheesy ham/egg cups – huge thank you to our breakfast crew for keeping us fed in the mornings throughout camp, and getting up early EVERY day to do so!

After breakfast there was a mad dash to make sure we would all be ready to board the coach. This meant our tent inspector, Josie, had to rush through her announcement of the Top Tent results, causing her to lose all understanding of the English language.

Final loo trips completed, bags packed, bottles filled, hands sanitized, and we were ready. We all filed into the coach, taking with us boxes of sandwiches, crisps, chocolate bars, and cartons of juice. The hour-plus journey seemed to be over in the blink of an eye – in hindsight that might have been because the majority of us fell asleep…

We arrived at Gulliver’s World to the cheerful tune of “I need to go to the toilet” and “are we there yet?”. Yes, we were there! We made base camp at our rendez-vous point and sent everyone off in their groups to enjoy the rides and attractions. After a morning of log flumes, pirate ships, and dodgems, everyone began to filter back through the meeting point to pick up their individual sandwiches, a result of the wonderful Kath slaving away over a chopping board for the entirety of the previous day. Thank you Kath – the popping candy went down a treat as well!

Everyone then returned to their adventures and continued to enjoy the park. The sound of gleeful cheering filled the air, followed by regular “this is so fast!!”s and irregular “I’m going to be sick”s. Thankfully we managed to avoid the latter, although we gave Olivia the sick bucket for the journey home, just in case! I think the fault here lies with Tom, who convinced her to go on the teacups in the first place.

And so, once we had all screamed and been turned upside down to our hearts’ content, we grouped together like a flock of sheep, herded by our Adjutant Caleb. Due to his rigidity and organisation we were able to be back on the coach only 10 minutes later than planned – an impressive feat when you’re in charge of 35 children!

Strangely enough, the return journey was significantly louder than the outward journey. I blame the many pots of candyfloss consumed and the unnaturally coloured lollipops. Still, it was a pleasant journey full of laughter! I think it’s safe to say we were all looking forward to the evening’s event – the Camp Cabaret!

Before this year, the Friday evening event was always the Camp Concert – 2 or 3 hours of ALL camp attendees performing some sort of act, whether that be a song, dance, comedy sketch, poetry, or simply standing front and centre getting the entire audience to watch you eat a banana (I’m looking at you Josh!). This year, however, the big change was that it was NO LONGER mandatory for everyone to participate with an act. Not only was this a relief to those who don’t like performing, but it was also a relief to those who don’t like WATCHING forced performances. It also meant that all of the acts were undertaken with true enthusiasm and enjoyment, which is much more pleasant to witness as an audience member.

The sheer variety of acts in the Camp Cabaret just goes to reinforce how wonderfully different we all our, and how many great (and not so great) talents everyone has. Edward, who was able to kick himself in the head; Olivia and Kayleigh, who sang and played the guitar and ukelele; Ben, with his fantastic rendition of Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes; the many skilled diablo performers; and even the kindergarteners, who sang and danced to their favourite songs. A truly spectacular night.

And now, as the 14+ embark to the field next door to enjoy their traditional Friday bbq, the rest of us brush our teeth and head to bed. Our last night in our sleeping bags and tents with our friends, before we leave for home in the morning. As always, it feels like the week has flown by, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say…

It’s good to be back! Jessi

We are now currently having breakfast before we pack up camp. Coach is due at 10.30

Thursday 19th

Thursday thoughts from a CO.

Thursday is for staff “post-hump’ when we start looking towards the easier activities and we’ve broken the back of the week (and broken the front, back & sides of our sanity).
The main age group programmes run to a close with a double afternoon-evening session and a morning camp wide ‘super squad’ session provides an opportunity for breakout hysteria as the tiredness from the week means we regard victory at musical chairs as a perfectly valid sporting achievement.

When I watch these events it makes the thought process of the Olympic
committee having included Dressage (‘horse dancing’) in thier event lists much more

Personally today was a day of tiredness migrating to refreshment and a sense of relief. Post wide-game (with my role in the safety car) I found most of my more stressful tasks complete for the week. The morning started with watching and encouraging the sports in the marquee from my position towards the back whilst simultaneously trying to resolve an argument between kindergarten over the ownership of magnetic construction toys. The games in the marquee (more rain) were energised by pop music and punctuated by Sophie’s strained efforts of directing campers to thier events – her voice raspy after a night of shouting into a dark field willing 14+ into ‘the square’ for the wide game.

During the day we carried out our second round of Lateral Flow Tests – a camp activity I very much hope will be removed from the programme in future. Shoving plastic sticks up your nose doesn’t scream ‘fun times’ but they have very much been a means to an end this year.

I headed out in the afternoon after shovelling down my personal favourite meal of the week
(cottage pie with half an inch of cheese topping) to the local printers to crop and print this year’s camp photo. I enjoy the battle with the printing machine as it continues to try and defeat me by cropping Tom F off the end of the photo once I align the photo in the frame – I’m sure I’ve lost the fight on more than one occasion but I won this time around.

This year the front row caught my eye – two of my own kids looked only slightly younger than I was when I started at camp 30 years ago – the time warp of camp definitely ages you – Through 30 years (weeks) of photos, my family life has gone full circle with my kids starting thier own camp journey with smiling faces.

The programmes had various activities in the afternoon and evening; games on site, trips to soft play and bounce play venues further afield. Dinner was a mixed fayre with a barbecue, fish and chips or McDonald’s depending on the age group. I can’t comment on the relative success of any of these bits as I was partaking in a game of crazy golf with a number of Kindergarten who largely ignored the normal standards of golf etiquette; spending their time climbing the course
landscaping and posing with the pirate themed figures whilst using some rather unsatisfactory putting form.

After enjoying a fish and chip dinner and a sugar loaded ice cream courtesy of the junior
programme team bed-time was ‘challenging’ to say the least – after such a tiring day however the giddy defiance of the (my) kids finally broke and sleep occurred. Just excited about tomorrow’s day trip I guess.

A quick note as one of the CO’s – today (& the wide game the night before) for me was a real high point. It was the moment in the week when I stopped running around as much and
stressing and started looking at people enjoying themselves; personally reflecting on the smiles & the beauty/simplicity of camp. Its fair to say its been a hard two years getting the camp to run and at times has felt like an ‘extra thing’ but days like today make it worth it.

See you all at IOW.

Martin – CO

Wednesday 18th

Wednesday of Carey Youth Camp, arguably the best day of the Carey Youth camp week.

Not only do the campers have a morning of sports to tee them off, but a fun filled afternoon of hunt the officer. Many whacky and wonderful characters were seen wondering the beech front of Prestatyn. The campers braved the gusting winds to charge along the seafront and find their disguised staff. Even the public of Prestatyn enjoyed the sights and many strange looks were gleaned as hoovers, scarecrows and guitar horses roamed the shores of wales.

After successfully seeking, the evening programmes saw enthusiasm un-dampened by the mid-week crash. The seniors looked for the legendary treasure of one eyed Waz and endured a bitter water balloon fight to defeat the evil monster who haunted camp.

Meanwhile the 14+ ventured over mountain and through field, through lands where never light have shone (wales), on the legendary wide game.

They managed to find their way back to camp theough winding roads in the dark and plan their assault on the square in the field behind camp.

Many brave and vallient attempts were made, with runs and dashes of incredible daring. Many valient 14+ were bested and fell on that field of battle. But heroes arose from the darkness towards the light of the square. John, Simon, Ben and Naomi managed to squeeze through the onslaught and into the bastion of light. Simon managed to fool all by disguising as a staff member and simply walking in as a supposed friend.

A wet and windy day did nothing to dampen the spirits of these campers and staff, as they sought the light in the darkness if Wales.

Tuesday 17th

Blog post:

It’s Tuesday at Camp! How are we halfway through the week already? In previous years Tuesday is the day trip, but in a change to the usual programming we had a ‘surprise’ for the day!

The morning sports were “crab bench ball” which included a clash for the ages between the Brothers’ Flynn. There were highs and lows, winners and losers, and a trip into Prestatyn to sample the local sights, eat as much ice cream as possible and hit the arcades!

The afternoon saw the arrival of the inaugural Camp Funfair! Campers had the chance to win their very own bespoke mugs based on Camp phrases, such as Lionel Richie’s, “Is it Marquee you’re looking for?”, and Adj’s tokens that can be traded for prizes throughout the week. The Campers went cocoNUTS on the shy and worked together to navigate the challenge of the Claw. We played Giant Darts, Ring Toss, Hook the Duck and Nerf warfayre. Great fun was had by everyone and we have to say thanks to our amazing staff for putting together such an amazing event.

After all that fun, the evening programmes are up next. The Juniors are playing ‘Monkey Madness’ , the Seniors ‘Superhero’ and the 14+ ‘Moana’.

I’ll sign off now, we’re all looking forward to another fun filled day tomorrow!

Ben – QM

Monday 16th

Another day at Camp has come and gone, but it definitely was anything but dull. Here’s a little summary of what we all got up to on Monday; whoever said Monday was the worst day of the week has clearly never been to our Camp!

Let’s begin with a little weather update. We have had some very spectacular winds since Sunday night (with gusts of over 30mph!), luckily for us a few members of staff worked through the early hours of Monday morning to ensure that every tent remained secure – all while most campers remained blissfully unaware and slept soundly in their sleeping bags.

The wind settled a little during the day on Monday but still remained quite gusty; however the site remains safe and secure (as always) due to the constant vigilance and hard work from the site management team – Matt, Tim and Kieran – so a big THANK YOU to them for that.

The weather wasn’t about to stop us though and the day continued as planned with Jen and Tom’s always entertaining ‘Squads Against Staff’ entertainment gameshow during breakfast.

After breakfast we then had the first Intersquad competition, which is a sports competition between all the squads and was run by our brilliant sports team – Sophie, Lily, James and Robbie. This year it was Marvel themed and some highlights include:

Speed Scavenger Hunt
Hawkeye Target Practice – starring Isla, Paige, Naariah and Jessica who won this round.
Quiksilvers Sleeping Bag Race – with Edward and Nathan taking gold and silver in this. Good work!
14+ Hulk Ball – won by Chris (you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!).
Ending on Iron Man – shout out to Shay for smashing this event.

Overall squad B (Birthday) were the winners, with Sadie leading her squad to victory in the first of our sport competitions. It’s still all to play for before we announce the overall super squad winners at the end of the week though!

After lunch we had a chilled afternoon where campers could either relax onsite or head into town. This was our first visit to Rhyl and I think many will be returning for the remaining town trips that we have planned.

Now it’s time for the campers to break into their age groups for the evening programs; for Juniors it’s ‘Silly Sealions’, Seniors are undertaking a ‘Heist’ and the 14+ are ‘Fast and Furious’ tonight. Let’s hope they all have a great time!

Finally, today was the first of our planned lateral flow tests for all those aged 11 and older (the second and final tests will be on Thursday) and I’m pleased report that everyone tested negative. So Camp continues as planned, which is something we’re all very happy (and more than a little relieved) about!

Roll on Tuesday!

Megan – First Aider

Sunday 15th

So we managed to make it through our first full day of camp! Our Sunday routine started as it normally does – the shout for “PT”, potato peeling, tent tidying, and a delicious cooked breakfast. We had our first bout of meal time entertainment, led by the wonderfully funny Tom and Jenny. While Squad D didn’t quite win the top prize, we all felt like winners witnessing Megan gargling a bottle of water to the theme tune of “Only Fools and Horses”. Watch out for the splash zone!

The 14+ girls’, Light Fury, were the first tent to win the Top Tent Competition, awarding them all a nice shiny token or a mouth watering Celebrations chocolate.

After washing up and rearranging the seating in the marquee, we all enjoyed a lovely Sunday worship service led by Colin, our very own minister. The service was made up of a variety of songs, a boat, gratitude lists, and a man-made Mexican wave. I’ll let you try and put those pieces together.

Unfortunately, due to the glorious Welsh weather, we were unable to take our usual Sunday camp photograph. This has been postponed to a (hopefully) sunnier day later in the week, so keep an eye out for that.
Sunday lunch was cooked by our fantastic chefs of the day, Jenny, Kelvin, and Julie, and, I must say, the roast potatoes were to die for! If I hadn’t already eaten several portions of Barton cake earlier in the day I definitely would have gone for seconds.

After lunch we packed our towels and swimming costumes for our first trip down to the beach. I have equal parts respect and disgust for Warren and Karen, who volunteered (that’s right, VOLUNTEERED!!) to stand in the sea for an hour as the swimming markers. It turned out to be a very useful exercise, as the waves were rather choppy and the tide was coming in. A surprising number of brave campers ventured into the chilly waters, and soon ventured out again when we realised how quickly the tide was edging towards us. After gathering up clothes, towels, and rogue flip flops, we ambled back to the campsite and steeled ourselves in preparation for putting the Junior campers in the showers. Thankfully this all went smoothly with no issues, and all the juniors are now clean and fresh and smelling like roses (some of them anyway…).

Dinner was a light meal of salad, rolls, pork pies, cheese, and coleslaw. My favourite! That was followed by another camp favourite – homemade sticky toffee pudding. This dessert has always gone down well but I am afraid, after the evening programme, the Junior staff are no longer its biggest fans. Having 9 young campers all hyped up on sugar for the evening programme was certainly rather trying, especially as some of them added EXTRA sugar as a topping! I’m surprised no one’s teeth fell out.

The Junior programme consisted of answering numerical animal questions, such as “how many legs does a lobster have”, and relay racing in the style of certain animals. Albert’s incredible monkey impression earned him a token, however this didn’t stop his team from coming second to The Boiled Eggs, whose speed and stamina made me question whether or not they truly were part animal. Well done!

The Juniors all headed to bed rather sharply after their hot chocolate. I was blown away when 2 of them asked if they could leave the marquee and brush their teeth without being told. I must have nodded my head vigorously enough to give myself whiplash.

All in all, we had a great first full day at camp, jam packed with fun and activities! Although the weather was a bit drizzly, this didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves and making lots of new friends, as is the Carey Camp Way. Stay tuned to hear all about our Monday activities and our exciting Inter-Squad competition!

Jessi – Juniors Program Leader

Saturday 14th

The campers arrived bright eyed and bushy-tailed at the church this morning, the staff a little less awake but just as excited. Five minutes after the coach set off the first “are we there yet?” was heard. Thankfully the juniors could see the sat-nav and gave us regular updates on how many minutes were left!

We made it to the services in good time, but had to navigate some travelling football fans to find a quiet spot to sit. From there it was smooth sailing into Wales and the drivers showed us how to say Llanfairpwll-gwyngyllgogerychwyrndrob-wllllantysiliogogogoch properly, the longest place name in the UK!

When we got to the site everyone found their tents and got settled in before a game of bingo. With Warren calling out the numbers, the first adj’s tokens of the week were won, otherwise known as Caleb’s Camp Coins. Save these up over the week and exchange them for some exciting prizes later in the week!

Before we knew it dinner time had arrived, swiftly followed by the evening programs. The juniors did their very best penguin impressions on the beach, protecting their eggs from the seals trying to steal them. The seniors adventured to the woods and for the 14+ a traditional walk was in order, with a few clues to solve along the way.

And so the first day at camp is over. The usual routines may have felt slightly rusty after a year away, but it’s safe to say we’re all very happy to be back.