Camp 2023 – Early Bird Discount

As quick as that, summer 2022 is over. But the planning for Belmont and Carey Youth Camp 2023 has already begun.

Don’t miss out and sign up for next year’s camp today, plus you’ll save £25 per camper, by getting their application form and deposits in before the 1st Jan 2023.

To help with your decision, here are a few more reasons why we love our camp:

For me, our camp is one of the few places where you can truly be yourself. Camp is a great place to go to because it is fun and allows our campers to discover new experiences, talents, friends and much more.

Camp helps the children develop independence, whether that is being a squad leader, tidying your tent or even just potato peeling.

Campers make new wonderful friendships, that can last a life time. Making new friends is the best part of camp because they are the ones that make you smile, entertain you and they are the ones that make you happy. You spend time with friends throughout every moment of the day while at camp.

Our camp has been running since 1977, so we have years of experience. Our great bunch of volunteering staff keep delivering brilliant camps year after year, which are the most amazing and entertaining weeks of campers and the staff’s lives.

Great value for money, a packed week for your child for a little as £155*
This year price will be:

*£155 for Children aged 8 to 13; if we receive your application form and £50 deposit before 1st Jan 2023. If not, the price will be £180.

*£175 for Children aged 14 to 18; if we receive your application form and £50 deposit before 1st Jan 2023. If not, the price will be £200.

So don’t waste any time and save £25 per camper – sign up now.


Best wishes,


Reflection On 2022

What a week! It was so wonderful to be back on the Isle of Wight (a personal favourite site for me) with the sun shining – most of the time anyway! While last year had the shadow of covid looming large, it was a relief to be back in the normal rhythm of camp once again this year. A huge thank you to all of the fabulous staff for working so hard and showing such teamwork in running one of the smoothest camps I have been a part of. A big thank you to all of the children and young people who attended too – we hope you had as much fun as we did. It was such a joy to be with everyone this year, I’m already excited to head for Norfolk in 2023! Below are just some of the comments the campers gave us on the journey home.

Rhiannon CO

I liked the camp cabaret so much

I really enjoyed the camp cabaret and black gang chime. I loved the tuck shop

I really enjoyed camp. Camp is my favourite thing of summer and could not like it any other way.

Camp was good and the programme leaders were very kind. Food tasted good. Squad E is the best

Camp was very fun and enjoyable. Robin hill was meady but everything was better than great. Squad E is a vibe.

Everyone else on this page is wrong. Squad F!! Camp this year was very fun.

Best camp yet! Absolutely brilliant! Program leaders were great making each day and evening incredible!! Loved every minute and my squad was crazy fun! Thanks all

Amazing week, my favourite camp by far! Evening programs were fun and very enjoyable. All the staff were amazing. My squad was 100% the best! We had so much fun together! Thanks!!

14+ :
Brilliant week, loved the game on Monday and the wide game

Thank you to the 14+ staff cuz all the activities were really fun and also I loved my squad we had so much fun together

A great experience all around and an enjoyable week. My favourite part of the week was being involved in the wide game.

My week at camp has been fantastic.

This year was as wonderful as ever, my fav part was the game on Monday night. I think we can be more vigilant on the vegi stuff

A great year, thank you to everyone for making it special. Really enjoyed the company of all of our great camp kids. Special shout-out to the COs – thank you so much for what you do!

I had an awesome week and really felt like I was surrounded by family. Loved watching the wide game on action!

Great camp this year! Especially compared to last. Everyone did an amazing job again

Staff brilliant as always. Our programme was brilliantly executed by all involved. Wide game was excellent and a massive improvement in comparison to last.

End of a fab week

Well that’s it, another year done. The minibuses and coach are all packed and the staff and campers have a whole new set of memories to take home with them.

Last night was the camp cabaret which was a lovely way to end another wonderful week. This year’s cabaret was movie themed and led by Kieran, Karen, Robbie, James & Warren. The kindergarten and campers all gave brilliant performances, some of the highlights were:

Hattie’s street dance
The Pike’s mini mini disco
The Bartons & Dougalls sleeping bunnies
Keon’s diablo
14+ karaoke
Jess’ song
Kayleigh’s ukelele
The Tripp’s awkward dance
And many more – a big thank you to everyone that took part, we had too many to list but they were all fantastic.

The night wrapped up with Simon taking the award for the best staff member act (Titanic recreation with Weetabix) and Harry being awarded the best camper act.

The week was amazingly summed up with Murray’s song, bringing a perfect end to the cabaret.

Then while everyone else went off to bed, the 14+ ended the night with a BBQ on the beach.

Warren & Meg

Friday 19th

Our big day trip out this year was to Robin Hill, a woodland theme park full of treetop trails, fun rides, and plenty of ice cream. Thankfully the weather picked up a bit after our rainy morning, and it turned out to be a bright and glorious afternoon. The campers spent the day walking around the park and racing through sky high bouncy nets (and unfortunately dragging some staff members through said nets at the same time – knackering!). They also enjoyed a tobogganing session, racing down a scarily high hill at top speeds to the cheers of their fellow campers.

Highlights of the trip were found through interviews of both senior and junior campers – Harry excitedly told us during his interview that he “went on a lot of things”. Riveting stuff! Following that, Ellis “found out that white peacocks exist”. Who says camp isn’t educational?! And finally, all campers reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the names of the fake cows on the bovine style ride, with the favourites being Obi-Wan Cownobi and Calf Vader. Glad to see they all took something away from this day out.



Currently the camp site is very quiet as everyone is on their Friday day trips. So we are looking back at yesterday’s sports.

The sports was off to smashing start with a team game involving hula hoops, followed by Jump the River (otherwise known as wider and wider). The kindergarten made some jaw dropping jumps across the rope, outshining the campers completely!

Then came a lot of cheering as slap ball was played, with a very lively audience watching. Nathan faced off against Paige after the rest of the seniors and managed to secure a win for his squad.

Hoops were placed on the ground for a kindergarten bean bag toss, and Oscar, Evie and Felicity all threw some good shots, displaying lots of future potential.

The game involving bouncing the ball into people’s separate rope sections became extremely competitive and intense amongst the 14+, and during the chaos Robbie called Holly by her sisters name – tut tut. Squad A managed to win in the end.

Special mention to Wilfred displaying very cool moves in the sleeping bag obstacle race, and to Nana who beat Robbie and James from the staff also during this (they adopted a more showmanship style to their race whilst he was very speedy).

Overall, everyone appeared to enjoy themselves thoroughly and there was a lot of good team spirit shown!


The Wide Game

Steeped in history, tradition has stated over the past 40 years that the 14+ must brave the elements, battle with blind navigation, and stroll past the incompetent staff members attempting to catch them.

Anticipation was the initial ingredient as the staff got themselves setup a good hour and a half before the first 14+ arrived.

This only increased as the 14+ stealthily made their way through the campsite. Past the marquee, the first patrolling staff member, the second patrolling staff member and the last of the canvas tents they went – it was time to enter ‘the field’.

Queue, adrenaline.

John took the first solo run against the staff 30 minutes before the end of the game, shouting for his staff member brother to ‘come and get me’. Lily tried to intervene before David could meet Goliath. This was a big mistake, although Robbie and James swiftly claimed John’s j-cloth, ending his hopes of getting into the square for another year.

Naomi and Nana battled bravely. Nana outpaced the staff, but a misplaced foot was his downfall. Naomi was meters from the square before being held up, she certainly will be in Robbie’s nightmares for weeks, despite eventually being caught.

Onto our winners. Bradley steamed into the square in a valiant charge, falling behind but rising again to continue on to victory. He even seemed surprised himself that he had succeeded.

Emily and Christopher were next and they charged through the pack, leaving all the staff in their wake. Emily was too clever and quick and avoided the staff all the way in. Christopher too, disposing of a defeated and downtrodden James on the edge of the square before reaching glory.

Finally, the chivalrous Dylan, waiting for Holly and Hannah to distract the staff, he darted through the middle and all the way to victory.

We had bravery, stealth and speed. All participants should be proud but particular congratulations to our four victors of 2022. Bradley, Emily, Christopher and Dylan.

Josh – 14+ Leader

Hunt the Officer

This morning we went into Shanklin for the famous Hunt the Officer, this is where all of the staff dress up as random selection of characters and things and the campers need to go and find them.

Below are just some of the outfit;

A horse in a suit
Gingerbread woman
Peter Pan
Father Christmas
& A wardrobe

It ended up being a very wet hunt the officer, but fun was still had, with the winning team being Squad F (John). Thankfully the weather has now cleared ready for a beach trip, just before a storm rolled in.

Tonight looks like it will be dry for the +14 wide game, good luck to our runners.

Wednesday 17th

Yesterday all the seniors went out on a surprise activity, which was quasar and bowling. With Nathan scoring an impressive 158 (even beating every staff member), a massive well done to the new bowling Champ of Belmont and carry youth camp 2022.

The seniors have found themselves in the middle of murder mystery. Who knew that Camp would have taken such a turn on day one, so each night they’re trying to piece together the mystery of what happened to Rachel.

So far they narrowed the crime scene to two possible locations, with two possible objects that could have been used in the crime. But tonight they are trying to rule out motives. Will they succeed. We will find out, as they have spent the night wondering through Shanklin meeting staff members and trying to get signatures to unlock evidence packs which will help them ultimately unearthed the answers to this crime.

The great advantage of Shanklin is there are amusements, so the kids have spent a little bit of time and money enjoying themselves. Let’s hope they have spent enough time focusing on solving the crime?

Answers to the Quiz




Junior Leader Update

So far this camp the Juniors have been having a whale of a time – from sinking battleships to water balloon fights on the beach, winning tokens to tidying their messy tents (!), and playing in the arcades to drawing questionable (and somewhat insulting…) pictures of staff. Last night they played a serious game of Mousetrap, where they coloured in creative cat masks and walked around the town making very convincing cat noises. Whilst exploring the town our Junior Cats hunted for clues, with the correct answers later giving them key items to build a mouse trap on the beach. When it came time to capture the mouse we had two very different techniques: one team decided to break up their cheese and lure the mouse into their trap with a long and enticing cheese trail – an excellent idea! The second team took it that little bit further and decided to drown the mouse with a bucket of sea water instead…as the person playing the role of the mouse (Jessi), I can safely say the cold, sandy, salty water over my head came as a very unpleasant surprise! Inevitably, the more humane mouse catchers were the chosen winners.


Tuesday 16th

It’s Tuesday and it’s been a glorious week of sunshine, but this morning delivered our first showers. But Camp hasn’t allowed this to dampened its fun. After a beautiful breakfast of pancakes and toppings we arrange some sports and a bumper quiz. Below are some of the questions, how would you of done;

Work out these cities that have had their name changed;

Organ Lake
Chrime Quick

A big shout out to the junior girls who didn’t want staff help and get a great score of 31. Sadly this wasn’t enough to take 1st place, which went to Murray, Jessi, Sophie and Albert (38 points).

This afternoon we have a massive surprise for the campers. The seniors have left site to get some pizza and play bowling, Juniors are off to a theme park, while the brave fourteen plus are lasertagging.

Stay tuned as we will shortly hear from our junior leader…..and share the answers.