Friday – The Big Show

Our Fridays at camp are usually pretty relaxed, but this year was a little different! As we were planning to leave so early on Saturday, we spent lots of our time on Friday packing up and getting ready to break camp the following morning.

Every camp Friday we have our Super Squad competition in the morning – this is essentially another sports day, but played inside and involving many more one-on-one games. From egg and spoon races to sack races, and welly wanging to ribbon dancing, everyone really gave it their all and made their squads proud.

After this we had our last cooked meal of the week – a deliciously cheesy cottage pie. With full bellies we went on to enjoy an afternoon of free time and preparation for the camp concert. This relaxing afternoon is always a great way to finish off the week, as it gives us all a chance to unwind and reflect on the fun we’ve been having since Saturday.

And now for the camp concert! Where do I even begin?! With so many acts and fantastic participation from all staff and campers, the concert was truly one to be remembered! We had kindergarteners bravely standing up on their own and singing songs to a completely captivated audience, we had juniors playing guitar and beautifully singing a group song after lots of practice throughout the week, we had a squad squeakily squeezing balloons to the tune of Jingle Bells, and so much more! Not to mention an arm wrestling competition, a Family Fortunes style game show, and some fantastic solos and duets. Everyone really gave it their all, and performed some incredible acts. This was in addition to a brilliant performance by the staff concert team, who had us on the edge of our seats in anticipation, waiting to find out if Buzz and Woody would ever make it back to camp!
And so, after such an exciting evening, we all retired to our tents one last time. Well, all except for the 14+, who stayed put for their traditional annual barbecue. We had to make a few alterations here, and the 14+ enjoyed their barbecue in the safety of the cookhouse, as we were battling with some very questionable weather! Now, I’m not sure if any of you happened to check the weather in St Ives yesterday, but we were issued a yellow wind warning from the MET office. And they weren’t exaggerating!! Throughout the course of the day the winds had slowly become worse and worse, and by the evening we had even come up with some contingency plans for worst-case scenarios. Thankfully we did not have to use any, and instead we had several staff getting up for shifts throughout the night to keep an eye on things, and hammering in tent pegs as and when the wind ripped them out.


Thursday – Wet, Wet, Wet

The rains poured and the winds howled upon a blustery Thursday at camp. This did not peterb the Seniors, however, who carried on fantastic games inside and outside the Markee in the drizzle. They had great fun with some unique and interesting games. They then went ten pin bowling in the evening and the kids showed off their prowess in the alley.

The 14+ also went ten pin bowling but in the afternoon, where Robbie and James beat the staff with high scores! They battled their way back through the torrential rain to play an evening of games in the marquee. The rain didn’t dampen any spirits but the tired 14+ were thankful for their warm bed and a good night’s sleep. Especially after last night’s wide game….. congratulations to James, Jess and Simon (2/2) for getting into the square.

The Juniors had an amazing time at the indoor soft play area where they ran around like monkeys! Climbing, diving and crawling they chased each other round for hours of fun. They finally enjoyed their coco in the marquee before heading to bed.

The wind howled and the rain hammered at the tents all through the night but the campers and staff slept soundly in their sleeping bags. Ready for the next day.

We are gearing up for today’s sport now!!! Followed by camp concert.


Wednesday – H.T.O

So, here we are, Wednesday! We have again been blessed with a beautiful day and another lovely beach trip.

Also football rounders was a smashing good time for all the kids (and staff playing).

The kids this year are winning prize tokens throughout the week…. and some of the big prizes have now been snapped up….. massive slippers, bubbles, bucket O beef, mobile charger and battery. The grand prize is still up for grabs.

Wesley cleaned up at the bingo…… winning a whooping 5 tokens. But even the unlucky players loved it.

Of course we are now at the point for the anticipated game of the week, ‘Hunt the Officer!’ This year we have been finding all manner of outfitted staff (and some kindies too!)

From fishing gnomes, spiderman, an astronaut who landed on the beach and a massive dinosaur! There truely was great fun had by all.

This is only my third year at camp and I am always struck by how quickly and easily we settle into our camp family roles. Because BCYC is family, we have new and old people join every year. It is an ever growing community of wonderful people. Always willing to lend a hand and help wherever needed. From swapping roles to entertaining kindies to just being a good friend. We are so lucky to have this opportunity to share with each other and the absolute bliss of camp and all the chaos it brings.
Tonight brings the Wide game, as I write the 14+ are getting ready to leave and seem to be discussing their tactics of how best to get in the square. Watch this space…


Tuesday – Day Trip – 14 plus

14+ Day Out

What a day, the 14+ faced many many fears as they faced the adrenaline quarry.

The day started off with a mini bus journey not fazed by the buckets of rain that was coming down on to it, plenty of good (and not so good) songs plus some very questionable dancing.

Upon arrival we were all changed into wet suits and kitted up with a life jacket and lead to the entrance of the aqua park, which was an obstacle course on water. Three massive slides that dropped off into the water, one swing that you had to jump from and many others areas that you had to climb, jump and run around. Many of the 14+ favourite part was the 4 way sea saw where they used it to try and throw the other members off into the water, showing how much strength they had to stay on.

After 45 minutes on the water it was clear that the 14+ and staff were all exhausted and desperate for some food. Due to the cafe on site we was able to grab some cornish pasties, ice creams and cold drinks, as well as everyone tucking into the sandwiches the staff had prepared.

After lunch, we had again was kitted up into gear, this time driving gear. Go karting was our next agenda. All 19 of us on the track at once, it was like we was in the fast and furious movie. There was drifts and turns round that corners that even Lewis Hamilton would be impressed with. There was sheer determination on everyone’s face to over take the person in front of them, causing some very close calls on the track.

The final activity that concluded the day was the big jump off the cliff. Harnessed in, two by two the 14+ jumped off the cliff attached to the zip line. They went over the aqua park and onto the soft ground.

All in all, everyone enjoyed the day out and they can’t wait until next year


Tuesday – Day Trip Day – Seniors and Juniors

Today was our annual camp day trip, and this year we ventured to Flambards theme park. Before setting off on the refreshingly short coach journey, we sat down for a spot of breakfast in the marque. We had our usual morning announcements, whilst enjoying some delicious egg and ham cups. Unfortunately the heavens decided to open, and the field was suddenly full of kids and staff alike, all sprinting to their tents because they hadn’t zipped up the doors!
Eventually the rain died down enough so we could walk to the coach without getting drenched, and we set off immediately for the theme park. Well, that’s what I’d like to tell you – we actuallygot pretty soggy on the way to the coach, and then our eagle-eyed QM realised that we’d left the packed lunches behind! Thankfully we hadn’t quite set off yet, so we were able to run back and grab them from the cook house.
Crisis averted, we finally headed off. The journey may have been short, but that didn’t stop our Adj from putting together a fun quiz to pass the time.
When we arrived at Flambards we split off into groups and headed out to enjoy some riveting rides and awesome attractions. After a few dizzying hours out in the park, we reconvened for a spot of lunch – a tasty selection of sandwiches, crisps, chocolate, and fruit. We replenished our energy, unwillingly shared with a family of wasps, and then set off for a few more hours of Flambard fun!
Several roller coaster rides and log flumes later, our day trip came to an end. Back on the coach we got, and commenced the short sweet journey back to camp, where we were greeted with the warming aroma of freshly cooked garlic bread! What more could you want after a day of fun?!
Plates of lasagne and salad and coleslaw and cheese and garlic bread were taken back to our tables, and were followed by our traditional Eton mess dessert. Kudos to the Camp Organisers here – they did away with our usual plastic cups for this dessert, and used our own bowls in order to reduce our plastic consumption and help save the planet! Go team!
With full bellies we tidied up the marquee in preparation for the Camp Organisers’ Mega Programme (or simply C.O.M.P!). We played a selection of exciting (and somewhat unusual!) games, including one that involved throwing bananas into hoops, and fun was certainly had by all. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait til tomorrow to find out more about our evening programme, as it’s far too late and we’ve got yet another busy day tomorrow! Stay tuned and watch this space!


Monday 5th

Sorry….. what a busy day!!! Following up from Jo’s rather poetic view of site as a place of rhythm and sounds, I’ll take my opportunity to reflect on some of the Stranger things.

For example, why do seagulls eat washing up sponges? How has sand managed to get into my toothbrush and just why did Caleb pour all the nutmeg into the bread and butter pudding?

I wake on Monday feeling tired and my shoes are ever so slightly damp. Yesterday afternoon ended with ‘tropical’ showers on the beach which continued into the night. It wasn’t until 8pm that I accepted the shower was less Carribbean and more Cornwall and changed into more appropriate gear.

I spent some time watching the 14+ and thier Minolympics and marvelled at the emotion shown by Robbie in finishing the “stack cups in a pyramid using only a balloon” game. Nowhere in the world has someone been quite so excited to place a plastic cup on a 3 cup high stack, especially to only finish 4th out of 5.

This morning was our squad sports with Benchball and Dodgeball the games played. Each squad came head to head with thier camper competition and some classic matchups resulted. Watching Naomi claw her way back from a near certain loss against a whole squad and watching Wes struggle to come to terms with a demolition job (of his squad) were particular favourites but the ongoing arguments with Sophie over the interpretation of certain rules just showed how much everone cares. We’ll have to invest in VAR next year.

Whilst the camp headed into a crowded St Ives for a town trip (I’ve heard rumours of two ice creams stolen by the local birdlife), I enjoyed the quiet site to plan the details of a game for the 14+ later in the week. Its one of the unique things about camp. You’ll never see the same game twice and you’ll always wonder what magic ingredient was in thier bread pudding when they thought some of them up (as indicated – nutmeg).

I sit here writing this with my 2 year old jumping from an inflatable bed onto my head shouting “my tent” in my face whilst he smiles a cheeky grin. This place does funny things to people – thankfully its almost always with a smile.
I’ll have to go now – he wants to watch a magic show in the marquee and I think I do too.

In the evening programs there were some brilliant games last night. With the following outcomes…. 14 Plus did the Minolympics with the winners being baoliegh (country) Lilly, Ben and Jess.

Junior played tightrope trippers, group 1 winning. A special mention to Olivia in group 2 for rock solid balancing skills.

Seniors tackled the Death Star Destruction – the winning team was Green Squadron – Charis, Emily, Holly, Caitlin. Well done all


Sunday 4th

The Rhythms and Moments of Camp

Day 2 in sunny St. Ives and we are settled into our Camp rhythm. Squads and tents have bonded and everyone has got their bearings around the new site. Our week is composed of rhythms and moments…here is a little reflection on those that are special for me…and perhaps will resonate with you too.

The moment of arrival at Camp each year is a magical thing – we leave our family homes and ordinary lives, jump on a coach in a flurry of excitement and after a short (or rather long!) journey we are transported to another world. We quickly become immersed in life under canvas and embrace the shift to ‘Camp Time’. For me, once we are here, I almost can’t imagine being anywhere else. It’s as if I always spend my days in a field with 80 other people and it is easy to forget my ‘normal’ life at home. I wonder, where did the last year go? I am back here again, with my Camp Family and I can barely remember what happened in the intervening 51 weeks.

Each day of the week has an essence…a familiar rhythm that we easily fall into. Today, the Sunday-ness of Sunday has been defined by morning worship and an afternoon trip to the beach. A feeling of togetherness as we all take part in the same activities. Later in the week, the Tuesday-ness of Tuesday will mean us going in different directions for exciting days out. Juniors and Seniors on one adventure and 14+ on another. Little things evolve through the years – brilliant new additions to our rhythm, such as Warren’s popular quizzes and bingo games or Jenny’s memorable and hilarious hand washing song. But many activities echo through the years largely unchanged, such as Hunt the Officer, the Camp Concert and the 14+ BBQ.

And on a deeper level, each day is punctuated with small, but significant, moments…the moments that make Camp what it is and act as a clock for our daily rhythms.

There are the sounds…

…of the distant five minute whistle for the next meal.

…of the musical pitter patter of rain on your tent.

…of a joyful chorus of ‘We want to see Jesus lifted high’, as a conga weaves its way around the marquee.

There are the smells…

…of sausages cooking early in the morning – the promise of ‘second breakfast’.

…of canvas in the afternoon sunshine.

…of hot chocolate in the marquee with friends before bed.

And there are the textures…

…the feel of the potatoes in a bowl as you strive to peel the fastest and help your squad win.

…the crunch of sand in your shoes, that you know will remain for weeks to come.

…the comfort of the soft, warm jumper that you pull on after tea when the temperature drops.

And then, there are those absolutely golden moments too…where the children play happily, the sun shines and you can sit and soak it all in for while…until the claxon sounds for a fire drill and the golden moment ends rather too abruptly! (This may or may not have happened while I sat to write this post…)

Whether this is your first year or your twentieth, you will have your own magical moments that make Camp special for you. Remember to share them with your friends and find out what theirs are too.

Happy camping, everyone…it’s going to be a good week.

Jo Phillips
26 years and counting…

Saturday 3rd

Finally we are here, it took a little over 7hrs with one stop. The kids on the coach were well entertained with a couple of movies, Big Hero 6 and How to Train Your Dragon and a quiz….. the winnings will be revealed tomorrow morning.

So here we go, Belmont & Carey Youth Camp have done It, made it to our most westerly location ever. Welcome to St Ives everyone. We are looking forward to what you have in store for us.

Today is all about the first;

The staff are getting the site up and running, led by our site team (Caleb, Colin and Andy) and first orderlies team. The campers are seeing their tents (new bedrooms) for the first time. Time for them to get settled into their tents. Sleeping bags out, roll mats rolled flat and the fancier ones are pumping up air beds (how times have changed).

We will run our first bingo session shortly for people wishing to play, with some great prizes to be won. Then on to our first meal together thanks to Megan, Barry and Georgie before the evening programmes kick off with Saturday night’s games.

So thats our first blog entry at camp, stay tuned as our next update will be tomorrow, where we will share the winners and games from the night before. For now any questions, comments or feedback please leave below.

Parents reading this, enjoy your first of seven nights child free 🙂


Blog 2019


Blog coming soon

1 Week To Go….

I know I am excited, and from the reaction I saw a few weeks ago when I dropped off two campers’ booklets – the kids seem to be even more excited.

It does take me back, and though the generations have moved on, the thrill of getting your camp booklet still lives on. They quickly flipped through the pages to find out (in their eyes) the most important things;

Firstly – Who is in my tent (“Which Avenger is Gamora”)

Second – Who is in my squad and what is it called

Thirdly – When is my orderly day?

Forth to be checked – Names/themes of the evening games for my age group.

Fourth – Who are the staff on my program (a disappointed children that Rachael wasn’t on Junior with her)

Lastly – Where is the Day Trip? (Flambards, I will look it up on the internet later”)

Like I said, it took me back to being a camper myself – excited to go to Carey and get my Camp Booklet, checking the same information (but without the help of Google back then). It was a pleasure to witness. Also it (not that I needed it) reminded me; why this Summer Camp is so great and so worth all the months that go in to planning it. Roll on the next 7 days and I will see ALL of you at St Ives.

Just a reminder for people leaving from Carey next Saturday morning, you should drop of the following items off the night before, so we can pretty much jump on the coach and hit the road at 6am on Saturday.

Friday night Carey Church’s doors will be open between 7pm to 7.30pm.

Ready to collect;

Your bags
You medical Form & medicines (if not handed in already)
Spending Money to put into the Camp Bank
Pre Order your camp photo


With one month to go, don’t forget to come to our Parents Evening this Friday.

Where is the time going……. one month until this year’s camp starts. Where will it rank when compared with the previous 42 before?

When you say the word marquee to most people, nowadays they will think of the Great British Bake Off. Well, that is because they have never been to Belmont and Carey Youth Camp. Say marquee to any person that has and they will automatically think fondly of Camp.

So with that in mind, let’s link the theme. For us, planning camp is like baking a cake; and it’s almost done!!!

First of all, we have done it many times before, so we know what to expect and what we would like the outcome to be. However, every time we bake we want to improve on the previous time. This led to our vision; to create what we did last time but make it even better – and this is what the Camp Organisers want to achieve.

So what are the key ingredients for baking and why are they used?

1. Flour – Provides the recipe foundation.

Our flour is the Churches – Carey & Belmont. Their support allows us to run this great holiday. Also, at camp we have the fantastic Chaplaincy team, giving the structure to share God’s word and love – in the form of worship, songs and prayers.

2. Butter – Holds it all together.

This is our able Adj, whose role at camp will be ensuring everything is running smoothly and to time, including checking everyone is where they are supposed to be. Making sure we are all together!

3. Sugar – For sweetness.

This is what gives us the energy, aided by our QM team who have planned the food we will have for every meal (including puddings every day). Plus our brilliant breakfast crew and daily cooks. All planned and sorted before we even get there.

4. Eggs – Add texture and bind ingredients.

Our eggs, and what good eggs they are – our Programme Leaders. Giving the texture to each age group with a brilliant set of plans for games and activities. With support from their programme team members, each group is ‘bound’ to have a great time (see what we did there?).

5. Liquids – Add leavening and tenderness.

Liquids act as steam during baking, contributing to the tenderness of the bake. Our tenderness comes in the form of care. We have three Medical Officers and two Junior Welfare Officers, all there to ensure everyone is kept safe and well.

6. Salt – Adds flavour and weight.

Within baking the salt strengthens gluten. Our strength comes in the form of our site managers. Helping to keep the camp site safe, working and clean at all times. Not a front of house job, but a very important one indeed.

7. Baking Powder – Adds the rise.

Well who at camp does this?! Our PT and Sports team of course, who have worked out a number of methods to wake everyone up and get that energy high. I look forward to seeing the fun sports days they have arranged.

8. Place in an oven for the right amount of time.

Our Oven this year will be St Ives….. we just have to hope it is set to the right sunny temperature all week long.

9. Icing – Adds flare.

All of the staff and other roles; including bank, tent inspectors, post, entertainment, concert team, photographers, tuck and many more. All these roles are important in helping to add to the flare, excitement and uniqueness that is Camp.

10. Now for the final step: Share with others.

And we are now ready to serve up this years ‘showstopper’ to our 40 campers.

We hope you all enjoy and Bon Appetit!

Don’t forgot to join us for the parents evening on Friday at Belmont. Come along for a baked doughnut and cuppa, pick up this years booklet (to see what squad and tents you are in), find out what to pack, what we have planned and the timings for travel.

I cannot wait!

Warren (aka Paul Hollywood)

45 days to go….

and 286 miles to travel! But i am sure, this year’s Belmont & Carey Youth Camp will be well worth the wait (like normal), and the miles will not be in vain as we venture off to a new site in St Ives, Cornwell.

Speaking to some of our amazing & talented volunteers over the last month, I have had heard about many great games, ideas, sports and activities planned, I won’t spoil the surprise.

Brilliant to see we have 40 children attending this year,  so there will be many new friendships made and new memories created.

Please feel free to come along to the parents evening at Belmont Church on Friday 5th July to pick up this years booklet, meet the staff and see what we have in store.

Warren (1 of 3 Camp Organisers)

Blog 2018

Reflection from the COs

Camp 2018 has ended and now just the long wait until Camp 2019 in St Ives.

Currently I am writing this while travelling home from camp, memories still fresh in my mind, clothes still have that camp smell and sleeping children dotted around.

In total we had 39 children attend this year’s camp in West Runton, Norfolk. All the staff put so much love, energy and passion into the planning and the activities, but why is that?

Well as our Adj (Mikey) said this year at Camp, it’s all about the memories. Myself personally i have so many great memories and moments from when I was a child attending camp. So the feeling I get from seeing a child loving camp and doing the silly things I did when I was their ages is so fantastic. I owe Belmont and Camp a lot, so it is only right we keep this holiday there for the next generations of Carey and Belmont Churches.

It made me so proud to see one of our 14plus do a speech at the camp concert about her camp memories from the age of 9 to 18. I look forward to welcoming her to the staff and no doubt continuing the trend of passionate volunteers who give up their time to help ensure camp remains one of the highlights of the year for so many children.

In short, it was a wonderful year, great to have so many new faces and it’s always heartwarming to see the kids loving everything from Hunt the Officer, sports, swimming, theme park day trip and the newly added Camp Bingo.

God Bless

Junior Lender Summary

What a week it’s been for the juniors. So many fun activities for them to participate in throughout the week and they’ve all been amazing!

Highlights include seeing the juniors impersonate frogs with their wonderful frog masks and tongues while trying to complete a series of games. Dylan, Nathan and Jacob were particularly incredible frogs.

On Wednesday night a trip to the woods saw the juniors meet Donkey Kong where they had to reach the checkpoint while avoiding his inflatable objects rolling down the hill towards them. Keon and Edward somehow managed to avoid being caught on all of their goes.

Next, one by one the juniors were invaded by aliens (the other juniors and Martin as well as an all staff alien invasion) and to remain alive they had to shoot the aliens. The only way to stop the all staff invasion was using a nerf gun that sent shockwaves through the aliens homeland. If you’re an alien, don’t try to attack Josh, Eloise or Anna because they don’t take invasions lightly as the staff found out.

An amazing way to end the programme was on Thursday with Ultimate Arcade, a series of 10 Arcade classics setup in the marquee. The 2p machine and toy grabber were particular highlights for the juniors with all succeeding.

From all the staff, thanks to the juniors for being enthusiastic and lively at all times, it’s made 2018 camp amazing. Hope to see you all next year.


Saturday PM

We waved goodbye to our site at 12. Matt kindly typed up his review of the concert.

Camp Concert
And so to the Camp Concert on Friday evening.
Featuring the usual mix of camp-related comedy sketches, songs (both excellent and poor), gymnastic acts, game shows and other uncategorisable curiosities. Highlights included Beth’s embittered gym instructor, Sadie’s song and the Chubby Bunnies game show.

There were a few acts that were confusing, although squad B and E’s “typical day at camp” was particularly strange, but other staff and campers were laughing.
The running theme of super heros vs. Professor Evil had a fair number of good jokes and a special mention should be made of Ben Storrie’s “Procrastination Man” who saves the day with the help of the juniors and kindergarten.

Concert rating 7/10 (rating is the view of Matt and not camp as a whole 😉 )

Saturday AM

That is it! Tents are being packed, the pots are clean, bags are being loaded. The Portsmouth crew are leaving in 15 mins, Hemel coach is arriving on site at 11.30.

Camp Concert was a smash again and we are having our talent spotter writing up a detail review which we will post later.

Norfolk has be amazing again, but we are so thankful to the staff for all their hard efforts to make it a wonderful week.

Most importantly, a bigger thanks you the kids. They have been a great bunch, all 39 of them!! I am sure they will tell you all about it as they hand over their washing.

See you all soon

Friday PM

We are just return back to camp after the last junior outing out to the town. Josh, who been running out Junior Programme wanted to share his highlights from the week, with so many to pick from what would he pick…….

“What a week it’s been for the juniors. So many fun activities for them to participate in throughout the week and they’ve all been amazing!

Highlights include seeing the juniors impersonate frogs with their wonderful frog masks and tongues while trying to complete a series of games. Dylan, Nathan and Jacob were particularly incredible frogs.

On Wednesday night a trip to the woods saw the juniors meet Donkey Kong where they had to reach the checkpoint while avoiding his inflatable objects rolling down the hill towards them. Keon and Edward somehow managed to avoid being caught on all of their goes.

Next, one by one the juniors were invaded by aliens (the other juniors and Martin as well as an all staff alien invasion) and to remain alive they had to shoot the aliens. The only way to stop the all staff invasion was using a nerf gun that sent shockwaves through the aliens homeland. If you’re an alien, don’t try to attack Josh, Eloise or Anna because they don’t take invasions lightly as the staff found out.

An amazing way to end the programme was on Thursday with Ultimate Arcade, a series of 10 Arcade classics setup in the marquee. The 2p machine and toy grabber were particular highlights for the juniors with all succeeding.

From all the staff, thanks to the juniors for being enthusiastic and lively at all times, it’s made 2018 camp amazing. Hope to see you all next year.”

Friday Lunch

We have just had lunch followed by our daily entertainment. This year it was a game called BIG numbers. Here is Jess and here squad view of it

“Big Numbers. Hilarious to watch the hosts”

“Involves everyone, thus a fun and friendly atmosphere!”

“Squads have to guess whether an unknown card has a higher/lower number than the known card and if they guess correctly they continue playing – aiming to win some good prizes!”

“Barryoke, Basically Karaoke (but with accompaniment from Barry) – it is lovely to see different members of campers and staff brave, showing off their voices with lots of enthusiastic support from those watching!”

BIG thanks to Paul, Jenny and Baz for the after food entertainment.

Friday Morning

It’s here, the last full day at camp. Let’s not be sad it is nearly over but happy it’s happen. It has been a great week and there are still loads of activities still to come; quiz, town trip, beach and concert!!!!

Now our belly are full with hot pancakes, we have the needed energy for Super Squad (Sports day) with Georgie and team).

Thursday Lunch.

We just had a shop brought Fish and Chips and been listening to the 14 plus wide game from last night. He is a view from Craig, the 14 plus leader.

“The Wide Game arrived at last! Eleven 14+ in two teams were dropped off in the wilds of North Norfolk. Their task was simple: navigate home, and get into the square without being caught.

Both teams were dropped off without a hitch, with no idea where they were thanks to some creative driving from our veteran drop off driver.

The staff returned to base, set up the square, and settled in to wait. The field was one of the best opportunities to get in the 14+ have had in years: long, narrow, and with multiple entrances through the boundary hedges. The seven catchers were nervous…

With 30 minutes to go, there was no sign. With 15, still no sign. With ten minutes left, scurrying was heard in the undergrowth. Sticks cracked. Was it a rabbit, or a member of the 14+? At 2 minutes to go, there were whispers in the hedges. They were here.

As a team of 6, the 14+ burst from cover. Three were tackled within seconds but, as they were escorted to the square, we realised that a further three has made it in! The highest number of 14+ in the square for years. SO WELL DONE…… Ben, Simon and James.

But where were the others? The game was extended by half an hour but still no sign. Sadly the other group took to many wrong turns and were timed out. Minibus lift home, back to site for hot cocoa and bed.

Three 14+ made it into the square. Will the record be broken next year? Especially with Sophie hopefully joining the staff team.

Thursday Morning

What a whopper of a day!  Two quizzes with fantastic prizes – a test of cartoon and logos general knowledge,    expertly presented by CO Warren.
Crazy sports in the marquee – speed rounds of Danish short ball with frantic crawling, showcasing an epic performance by Georgie with her crab impressions. The rain ceased and the sun came out – trips into town and to the fun fair, pasta and a variety of sauces for lunch, fish (or sausage) and chips for tea, plenty of tuck and wasps all round!
Post arrived for junior leader Josh – pants and a hair extension enclosed. Riveting ‘Big Numbers’ quiz show where Squad F won the top prize and mystic Jen correctly guessed the Queen of Hearts to support them in their journey. Followed by a Stella performance by Olivia singing beautifully, the well-known ‘A Million Dreams’.

Other than that plenty of choo choo and whoop whoop!!! – Jenny

Wednesday afternoon

We have asked our oldest 14 Plus Sophie to give us for insight from today’s hunt the office.

“Hunt the officer
After the long walk to town to kickstart our Hunt the officer journey we met Jessi the Mime, as fast as she liked she couldn’t outrun the pursuing squads.
Taking us to the front of the beach, an unusually placed car caught our attention and led us to finding Caleb, due to slow signing, we managed to get a glimpse of buzz lightyear but he got away for now undoubtably heading to infinity and beyond,
Continuing with our stroll we met snow (Beth)who seemed to be completely lost without her dwarfs, meaning she was a third dimple catch of the day.
Buzz’ infinity must have only been to the edge of a railing because we managed to find him again and corner him in collecting another signature.
Strolling up the high street a blast from the past meant we met a wild goose and marvick, struggling with the new technology of a ATM, collecting another amount f points.
From this point in town the squad picked up multiple signings from Tom who makes a wonderful woman, Mystic Gen and Cheeky Paul, Ehel/Irene (rhi and lynsay) Cowboy Paul.
We had a few more catches towards the end but a special mention to Barry who sat on the beach as an Octopus who couldn’t swim, The Queen of Hearts and Dick Turpin.
Finally congratulations to Olivia and Georgie the little old ladies and Elsa (Tommy) who sadly managed to slip through our beady eyes

Until next year – Sophie”

Now on to tonight’s Wide Game – Good luck to our runners.

Wednesday morning

Last night the camp took a trip to the world of the Jungle Book for the CO Mega Programme, otherwise known as the COMP. Juniors, Seniors, and 14+ worked together to complete challenges set by Mowgli, Bagheera, and Baloo with the juniors going ape for King Louie’s banana throwing challenge. A special mention to Nathan Moore who won moment of the day medal for his points scoring and enthusiasm!

After this the juniors went to bed and the seniors and 14+ played a series of challenging base games on their trek through the jungle. In the final showdown the 14+ teams took on Shere Khan, as well as each other, raiding opposition bases to collect water despite getting a persistent soaking by the vultures. After it was all over and the campers had returned to the man village the points were added up and Squad F declared Kings of the Jungle!


I can’t believe it’s Tuesday – we’re almost halfway through camp already! Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun.

Today started off a bit earlier than usual, due to our super fun trip to Pleasurewood Hills!! Before we left, we had all of our lunches prepared by professional sandwich makers, overseen by Katie. Over 70 sandwiches with a crazy amount of different fillings – a huge thank you to everyone who helped ensure we stayed fed throughout the day!

After our usual morning routine of PT and breakfast, we left for our big day out. As you can imagine, the coach and minibuses were full to the brim with excitement, from both campers and staff alike. The journey flew by, which was certainly helped by the endless sing-a-long sessions and a fantastic quiz with a sweet theme!

Once we arrived at Pleasurewood Hills, we were given a quick briefing, and off we all went to enjoy the day. In our groups we explored the park, watched some fantastic shows, rode on a multitude of coasters, and consumed a lot of sugar between us all! Quite the recipe for a fantastic day!

We all did so much that there’s simply not enough time or space to write it all down for you! In fact, we did so much that the coach journey back to the campsite was almost completely silent. Even the staff took the opportunity to get a quick snooze!

Once we arrived back on site we were served a delicious meal of chicken fajitas. We were even given the wraps and salsa to make them ourselves – there’s nothing like a DIY dinner! Even though things were running behind, everyone pulled together to make sure dinner wasn’t served too late and avoided any issues. Great work to everyone who stepped up and lent a hand!

The only other thing to report now is the result of today’s mealtime entertainment. Big Numbers, hosted by Cheeky Paul and Mystic Jen, said a big hello to Squad B today, who came away with 9 points! This meant they were the proud winners of a Moderately Good Prize, which I believe contained some biscuits… it could have been worse I suppose!

This evening there is an all-squad game, hosted by our wonderful Camp Organisers. Once we’ve got the results of the game we’ll update you all, and send out a big congratulations to the winners!

Watch this space for the next exciting instalment!

Monday Breaking News – A Spoonful of Sugar take their medicine as camp feels the love for sport.

Camp was at fever pitch in anticipation of the 2018 inter squad sports competition. Birthday girl Josie said “Sport is all I wan’t to do on my special day – I live for sport”.

Captain of pre tournament favourites ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ Sophie was working hard to play down expectations saying “We are quietly confident but we will take one game at a time”.

Following a dramatic scoring scandal in the morning with Tent Inspector Chantal giving the 14+ girls a very irregular 12 out of 10 normal service was resumed with Mikey ‘the Math’ B acting as head umpire and scorer for the main event.

The tournament got off to a dramatic start with an opening point from Christopher paving the way for a comfortable win for a Spoonful of Sugar over a relegation threatened Be Our Guest side struggling to impose themselves on the VolleyQuoits competition.

Meanwhile in the Bench-ball Everybody Wants to be a Cat gave a feline roar controlling game after game with Nana bossing the midfield while Big Smoke called the shots in a solid defence.

The Bench-ball drama continued with hat trick hero Caitlin racking up big points for Can You Feel the Love Tonight with a late winner from Edward seeing off a spirited comeback from Be our Guest.

The VolleyQuoits game we’d all been waiting all season was the James and Sophie derby between A Spoonful of Sugar and Can You Feel the Love Tonight. It didn’t disappoint with Can You Feel the Love tonight coming out ahead in a topsy turvey battle. Winning Captain James said “It was a tough well fought match with Edward and Josh catching everything and Hannah and Caitlin scoring for fun.

The final game of Bench-ball ended in controversy when officials had to rely on the WAR (Warren Assisted Referee) system to determine that John has put a foot off the bench and on the floor in the dying seconds, paving the way for Do You Want to Build a Snowman? To pinch a win by a solitary point.

With the final games of the main tournament over Can You Fell the Love Tonight were crowned champions with James lifting the trophy. The winning captain said they were “Over the Moon”.

The fun continued with the Joan Benefit Game an annual fixture between the Carey and Belmont Veterans and the 14+. Kelvin was heard to say “You won’t win anything with kids” but was made to eat his words when he ‘dropped a sitter’ to hand the trophy over to a far superior 14+ side.

Beleaguered staff manager Warren dismissed rumours that his own job was under pressure but said “the occasion clearly got to us, it was a long hard journey and we were not fully match fit.” He defended his star player Porteous saying “Even camp legends can make mistakes – that’s the joy of top level VolleyQuoits”

Lynzy the tournament organiser said it was her proudest moment and was pleased that camp had captured the essence of sport.

She remains available to organise the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Paul – Belmont and Carey Sports Correspondent.


We have all just completed inter squad…… loads of fun was had, we are tucking into our lunch currently. Paul has written up a full sports match report which we will be posting shortly.

Plan for the afternoon, children are heading out for a town trip to Sheringham. Then before Dinner we have our first ever camp bingo.

Eyes down!!

Sunday PM

And good evening to you all!! As promised, here’s a little update about the super fun day we’ve all had.

After breakfast we enjoyed some morning worship, what with it being Sunday and all! This consisted of multiple songs, lots of interaction between campers, and some questionable acting from staff members… pretty standard really! We also collected a nice amount of money to donate equally between Cancer Research and Diabetes UK.

We then had a successful fire drill, with everybody getting into position rather swiftly, with no issues or dramas. Good job guys!

For lunch we had a delicious Sunday roast (minus the yorkshires!), with a surprisingly tasty vegetarian option. And kudos to the chefs for the wonderfully thick gravy!

Then we get onto the afternoon game. As mentioned previously, this was Beat the Benchmark, the all-camp game hosted by the famous gamesmaster duo, Paul and Jenny! Everyone was split into 8 teams, consisting of members from all the age groups – kindergarten, juniors, seniors, 14+, and staff. We competed in a series of mini games to win points, with a member of staff being chosen at random to set the benchmark target for the ensuing challengers.

These mini games included doing the limbo, throwing hoops into a bucket, and transferring an After Eight chocolate from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands. We also had to consume a banana within 15 seconds, test our knowledge of capital cities, and catch a ball with a certain number of claps beforehand. I think it’s safe to say that each team fought valiantly (well, most of them did!), and we need a special shout out to Beth, who didn’t manage to move her After Eight from her forehead, even after jumping up and down and shaking her head like a punk rocker at a concert.

The scores were VERY close, with only 3 points between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. But after being joint first for several rounds, team Funder Horns managed to secure the win at the very last second. Congratulations to them, and I hope they enjoy the sweets and chocolate rewards they received! And a big well done to the other teams, who really gave the winners a run for their money!

And now it’s time for us to continue with our activities, and enjoy the exciting games we have planned for the evening.

More on this tomorrow, so watch this space!

Sunday AM

Happy Sunday everyone!!

After the excitement of travelling to camp yesterday, we’re all getting ready for an equally exciting day of activities today!

But before we get onto today’s activities, we first need to talk about yesterday’s. After our trip to the beach and a dip in the VERY cold sea, we had a lovely summery dinner of sausage rolls, coleslaw, and salad. After dinner, our three groups went their separate ways for the evening programme.

The Juniors had a bit of an introduction game, followed by Mario Bros and Pacman. They achieved points by answering questions correctly, after collecting all sorts of Mario themed items. They demonstrated their remarkable knowledge of the campsite, and refreshed their memories about camp safety! We are pleased to announce that the winning team, with 78 points, was Boogie Box! Although I must admit, the fact that every single Junior remained in their tents all night with no issues is a huge achievement in itself! Massive well done to all of our Junior members!

The Seniors spent their evening exploring the magical world of Narnia. After they made it through the wardrobe blindfolded, they had to hunt for the White Witch’s Turkish Delight, and run away from hungry wolves using their general knowledge. They finished their evening by dressing up some unfortunate staff members as lions – we’re still trying to get the fluff out of our clothes this morning! The winning team here was Peter, whose general knowledge skills really helped them take a strong lead!

The 14+ enjoyed a Taskmaster-style evening, where they competed in different challenges to achieve points, such as building famous landmarks out of sports equipment, and guessing the different coins being dropped behind them. We have two special mentions here – two people that won a medal each for “Moment of the Day”. Congratulations to Callum for his incredible Mt Rushmore display, and Ben for his magnificent hearing skills! Good job guys!

Now onto today’s events! The day began with our usual PT session, which was led by the enthusiastic Jenny. In fact, she was so enthusiastic that the usual 15 minutes of PT only lasted for 5… but at least everyone seemed to enjoy it! The mindfulness and breathing exercises that finished the session off seemed to go down a treat. In an exclusive interview with Miss Jenny, she left us with the following wise words:

“It’s all about the exhale”.

After this (very!) brief PT session, the campers competed in our annual Sunday Potato Peeling Competition. The winners today were Squad D, led by Lucy.

During breakfast, while everyone was enjoying porridge and sausages (on separate plates of course!), we had the announcement of the tent inspection results. Our official inspector today, Chantal, was unable to find a single fault with the winning tent, and awarded them a solid 10/10! Well done to the hard-working 14+ boys! Let’s see if they can keep up the good work tomorrow!

Today we are all looking forward to morning worship, and the chance to put our vocal chords to the test. After this we’ll be moving onto our camp photograph – say cheese everyone!

This afternoon we have our all-camp game, Beat the Benchmark! We’ll have to wait and see what fun tasks our gamesmasters have in store for us later!

Naturally we’ll leave you with a quick run down of the weather so far – the heavens opened last night and surprised us all with a bit of a downpour, but today it’s looking a little brighter. Fingers crossed the sun makes an appearance!

That’s all for now, but we’ll keep you updated with today’s exciting activities in our next post!

Jessi (Head Chef)

Saturday 11th

Everyone has arrived, including our four campers for Portsmouth BB. Time to turn this field into our home for the next week. 1 small issue, where is our Marquee…… Don’t worry it is going up as we speak.

Great effort from everyone putting up tents!

Orderlies (Andy and Alex) are getting the marquee sorted, Meg, Barry, Tommy and Beth are ensuring the kitchen is prepared, the programme staff are discussing their first planned activity.

Most importantly our campers; have all located their tents and are unpacked. A few have located the sports tent and that recognisable sound of a football being kicked around.

We have switched the program up a bit, everyone went to the beach today and most braved the sea!! It’s a beautiful beach and people enjoyed topping up their tans or just building sand castles.

First up was Paul & Jenny with this years camp entertainment – BIG numbers – i already know its going to be enjoyable week and full of laughs. I look forward to see which campers come out on top. First up Sophie who Squad did well and won a mid range prize.

The juniors are in bed now, seniors are having their hot chocolate and the 14 plus are wrapping up.


1 Week to go…..

I am ready, the staff are ready, so I hope you are ready. So just the small issue of packing now.

This time next week, the team will see many of you at Carey church between 7 and 7.30pm for the annual bag drop.

Remember to bring your kit bag, sleeping bag & cake!

On hand will be our Banker; Kelv, collecting any money for the Camp Bank, ordering your camp photo or 14 plus day trip money.

Our MO team; Meg will be looking after the medicines, collecting any outstanding MO and Consent forms.

They will be plenty of excited staff around to help and answer any last minute questions.

On the Saturday meet back at Carey at 7.30am with your pack lunch, where our Adj Mikey will be getting everyone ready for the journey to camp.

Remember stay tuned to this blog for daily updates while we are at camp!

See you soon, now where did I put my swimming trucks.


50 Days Until Kick Off.

So summer finally feels like it has arrived; the sun is out, the shorts have been dusted off, a few bbq invites have been sent and the World Cup is on. What more could we want?
Well it’s only 50 days until the highlight of our summer begins; Belmont & Carey Youth Camp and just like the world cup a lot of planning goes into our Camp.
We have selected our team’s base, the fantastic West Runton site in Norfolk. This is the second time we have stayed here and we hope it will be just as brilliant as the first time; with only a 5 minute walk to the beach and 10 minute walk to the top of the Beeston Bump it has every reason to be. These walks include picturesque views along the cliffs with amazing glimpses of Sheringham & Beeston Regis and, on a clear day, Cromer.

Some venues have been booked like our day trip to Pleasurewood Hills, located near the seaside town of Great Yarmouth – there is much to do and explore on this day, expect loads of fun on the dodgems, “Marble Madness” and (for the very brave) “Wipeout” – the tallest & fastest roller coaster in the East of England! We also hope people don’t get too soaked on Timber Falls log flume (and that it’s sunny enough so they dry quickly!). If anyone is looking for a more relaxed time then the children can also enjoy some fantastic shows with sea lions and parrots. So much to do in one day!

We have also planned an extra venue for the 14 plus on the Thursday – we can’t tell you much about it as it is top secret but trust me it will definitely be one to remember!
The groups have been selected, (we currently have our staff avidly planning the Junior, Senior and 14 Plus programmes).

The squads and tents formations have also been selected and campers can see these once they get their booklets.

The John Hay Shield has been engraved with last year’s winning squad and ready for the next Super Squad to win – children gain points throughout the week for potato peeling (which we hope you’ll agree is a very important skill!), table setting, squad sports tournaments and games. Good luck everyone!

Personally I cannot wait, I have been informed about a few of the games that are being planned and they sound as incredible and fun as ever – it will be an amazing week!

I look forward to seeing many of you at our parents evening on Friday 13th July, if not, I will see you just before kick off when we drop our kit off the night before (Friday 10th August) at Carey Church.

Warren (1/3 of the COs)