Every year on the way home, upon this coach journey we always try and get comments from our campers. As the children begin to return to school it feels a good time to look back and share these. Enjoy.

14+ ;

I had a great time at camp this year. I was a squad leader for the first time which was awesome. Looking forward to next year already – Hannah 14+

I had an amazing time at camp this year. It was my first time being 14+ and the Wide Game was everything I expected and much more -14+ Member

This camp was very special to me as I got to see people that I have missed a lot. I have gained new bonds with others and it has been one of my favourite years as I was in the 14+ for the first time – Holly 14+

I really enjoyed Camp, I just don’t show much emotion at times. I really liked the activities. 14+ Member.

This year I really enjoyed Camp, The week as a whole was great and 100% coming again. Thank you all. – John 14+

Another great Camp has come to an end. So many great memories in such a short amount of time. My last year as a camper was far different from the past years, however just as brilliant. The staff were amazing and I can’t wait to come back next year as one of them. Ben

It’s been so nice to come back to Camp this year and the forced hiatus seems not to have dampened everyone’s enthusiasm, particularly the staff and the effort they put into the activities. It was even nice to have PT up and running. Wednesday is always a highlight for me, with both Hunt the Officer and the Wide Game. I think Hunt the Officer was a good amount of time and I enjoyed the costumes (especially the hoovers). Its been great to be back. 14+ Member

Camp this year was even more exciting than most years as we missed 2020! It was great to see everyone again, my first Wide Game gave me a great story to tell and I can’t wait for Camp 2022. – Lizzi


I enjoyed the adventure and the sequel adventure was really good, especially dodgems then the sequel was games I knew and loved turned up to 11, amazing Thursday afternoon and evening (and the sun was out). – Harry

Camp this year was honestly a brand new experience and a chance to renew friendships. A little more sleep would be nice. Senior Member

Camp this year was a welcome and fun distraction from some tough situations outside of it. The staff put together some quality entertainment 🙂 – Senior Member

Camp is always fun and even though it’s once a year it makes it a year to remember. Even though the weather is sometimes a disappointment, the people and fun never let me down. – Nathan

I enjoyed spending time with everyone and the beach. – Luca

I enjoyed seeing everyone and winning top tent twice in a row and I liked going to the beach. – Ellis

I really enjoyed camp this year. The weather was damp but the mood never disappointed. I particularly enjoyed the Senior programme and Hunt the Officer. Thanks to everyone involved in those, all staff and most campers for making it FUN. – Edward

I enjoyed evening programmes. – Eloise


Camp was great this year. I really enjoyed the Cabaret and the Junior games and the puddings. The weather may not have been great but camp was.

I enjoyed doing the activities and sleeping. – Jessica

Camp was very cool. It was good to meet new people at Camp. It was a bit odd because it was my first year. – Paige

I enjoyed everything. – Sophia

I enjoyed the evening program. – Isla

I enjoyed going out and playing with the diablo. – Naariah

Bonus from some of our staff

First year as staff! A total change to what my norm was at camp previously. It came with many new challenges like making your own game. However, I wouldn’t change it. Overall, this week at camp was amazing and I wouldn’t change any of it… Well maybe the weather.

Camp is always a great part of the year allowing everyone a little break from their usual lives. I loved having a week to relax and forget about uni work. I look forward to next year, thanks to everyone involved!

So good to see everyone again and great to see so many new staff & campers!

CO Message;

A massive thank you to the staff for all their hard work over the last few months to help make camp the success it was. It was a stressful year for the COs to ensure camp could run, but it was well worth it once we got all 95 people onsite. We are so pleased we could deliver a safe, fun and Covid free week – I think the children and staff all deserve this normal summer break. It was lovely to see so many new faces within our children and staff ranks. Every child was amazing, so the biggest thanks is to them. Warren