Wednesday of Carey Youth Camp, arguably the best day of the Carey Youth camp week.

Not only do the campers have a morning of sports to tee them off, but a fun filled afternoon of hunt the officer. Many whacky and wonderful characters were seen wondering the beech front of Prestatyn. The campers braved the gusting winds to charge along the seafront and find their disguised staff. Even the public of Prestatyn enjoyed the sights and many strange looks were gleaned as hoovers, scarecrows and guitar horses roamed the shores of wales.

After successfully seeking, the evening programmes saw enthusiasm un-dampened by the mid-week crash. The seniors looked for the legendary treasure of one eyed Waz and endured a bitter water balloon fight to defeat the evil monster who haunted camp.

Meanwhile the 14+ ventured over mountain and through field, through lands where never light have shone (wales), on the legendary wide game.

They managed to find their way back to camp theough winding roads in the dark and plan their assault on the square in the field behind camp.

Many brave and vallient attempts were made, with runs and dashes of incredible daring. Many valient 14+ were bested and fell on that field of battle. But heroes arose from the darkness towards the light of the square. John, Simon, Ben and Naomi managed to squeeze through the onslaught and into the bastion of light. Simon managed to fool all by disguising as a staff member and simply walking in as a supposed friend.

A wet and windy day did nothing to dampen the spirits of these campers and staff, as they sought the light in the darkness if Wales.