Blog post:

It’s Tuesday at Camp! How are we halfway through the week already? In previous years Tuesday is the day trip, but in a change to the usual programming we had a ‘surprise’ for the day!

The morning sports were “crab bench ball” which included a clash for the ages between the Brothers’ Flynn. There were highs and lows, winners and losers, and a trip into Prestatyn to sample the local sights, eat as much ice cream as possible and hit the arcades!

The afternoon saw the arrival of the inaugural Camp Funfair! Campers had the chance to win their very own bespoke mugs based on Camp phrases, such as Lionel Richie’s, “Is it Marquee you’re looking for?”, and Adj’s tokens that can be traded for prizes throughout the week. The Campers went cocoNUTS on the shy and worked together to navigate the challenge of the Claw. We played Giant Darts, Ring Toss, Hook the Duck and Nerf warfayre. Great fun was had by everyone and we have to say thanks to our amazing staff for putting together such an amazing event.

After all that fun, the evening programmes are up next. The Juniors are playing ‘Monkey Madness’ , the Seniors ‘Superhero’ and the 14+ ‘Moana’.

I’ll sign off now, we’re all looking forward to another fun filled day tomorrow!

Ben – QM