So we managed to make it through our first full day of camp! Our Sunday routine started as it normally does – the shout for “PT”, potato peeling, tent tidying, and a delicious cooked breakfast. We had our first bout of meal time entertainment, led by the wonderfully funny Tom and Jenny. While Squad D didn’t quite win the top prize, we all felt like winners witnessing Megan gargling a bottle of water to the theme tune of “Only Fools and Horses”. Watch out for the splash zone!

The 14+ girls’, Light Fury, were the first tent to win the Top Tent Competition, awarding them all a nice shiny token or a mouth watering Celebrations chocolate.

After washing up and rearranging the seating in the marquee, we all enjoyed a lovely Sunday worship service led by Colin, our very own minister. The service was made up of a variety of songs, a boat, gratitude lists, and a man-made Mexican wave. I’ll let you try and put those pieces together.

Unfortunately, due to the glorious Welsh weather, we were unable to take our usual Sunday camp photograph. This has been postponed to a (hopefully) sunnier day later in the week, so keep an eye out for that.
Sunday lunch was cooked by our fantastic chefs of the day, Jenny, Kelvin, and Julie, and, I must say, the roast potatoes were to die for! If I hadn’t already eaten several portions of Barton cake earlier in the day I definitely would have gone for seconds.

After lunch we packed our towels and swimming costumes for our first trip down to the beach. I have equal parts respect and disgust for Warren and Karen, who volunteered (that’s right, VOLUNTEERED!!) to stand in the sea for an hour as the swimming markers. It turned out to be a very useful exercise, as the waves were rather choppy and the tide was coming in. A surprising number of brave campers ventured into the chilly waters, and soon ventured out again when we realised how quickly the tide was edging towards us. After gathering up clothes, towels, and rogue flip flops, we ambled back to the campsite and steeled ourselves in preparation for putting the Junior campers in the showers. Thankfully this all went smoothly with no issues, and all the juniors are now clean and fresh and smelling like roses (some of them anyway…).

Dinner was a light meal of salad, rolls, pork pies, cheese, and coleslaw. My favourite! That was followed by another camp favourite – homemade sticky toffee pudding. This dessert has always gone down well but I am afraid, after the evening programme, the Junior staff are no longer its biggest fans. Having 9 young campers all hyped up on sugar for the evening programme was certainly rather trying, especially as some of them added EXTRA sugar as a topping! I’m surprised no one’s teeth fell out.

The Junior programme consisted of answering numerical animal questions, such as “how many legs does a lobster have”, and relay racing in the style of certain animals. Albert’s incredible monkey impression earned him a token, however this didn’t stop his team from coming second to The Boiled Eggs, whose speed and stamina made me question whether or not they truly were part animal. Well done!

The Juniors all headed to bed rather sharply after their hot chocolate. I was blown away when 2 of them asked if they could leave the marquee and brush their teeth without being told. I must have nodded my head vigorously enough to give myself whiplash.

All in all, we had a great first full day at camp, jam packed with fun and activities! Although the weather was a bit drizzly, this didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves and making lots of new friends, as is the Carey Camp Way. Stay tuned to hear all about our Monday activities and our exciting Inter-Squad competition!

Jessi – Juniors Program Leader