Kayleigh – This was my first year at camp and everyone was so kind and welcoming. I really enjoyed the camp concert, and even though this week has been the most exhausting week of my life, I’m definitely thinking about coming back.

Luca – This was my first camp and everyone was very welcoming. I am definitely going to come back again and hopefully do the wide game properly.

John – For my first year in the 14+ it was great, especially doing the wide game. It was so much fun and I had such a great time and that is why I have come for 6 years and will not stop.

Lucy – This was a great year of camp as usual, the day out was probably my favourite so far. I had a great time and I will definitely be back for my last year as a 14+ next year.

Ben – Once again camp lived up to the expectations being one of the best weeks of the year. The 14+ program was super fun and entertaining and my highlights of the week were the wide game and hunt the officer. I will be back again next year for my penultimate year of 14+.

Simon – Camp this year was great. I loved the site, and the square was in a good place. I enjoyed the day out – the water park was a good idea. I think that the longer time for hunt the officer was better too.

James – It was my final year as a camper this year. However, camp was Brilliant as it always is. I had an amazing squad that I was privileged to look after for a week that helped me win overall. I also had a great group of 14+ that made my final year memorable. Some noticeable moments for me this year was from being behind in sports (inter squad) to winning it in our final game. I also had an amazing wide game with a great group, although it took me 40+ minutes to find a monument. I then escaped 4 staff members to get into the square. I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff and campers, and I’ll see you next year as a staff member.

Jess – I loved my last year as a camper, with personal highlights being the day out and inter-squad competitions. Felt so very much part of one big family and looking forward to joining the staff.

Robbie – It was a good year overall with lots to do at CYC. One of my favourite activities was the water park and the go-karting because I was allowed to drive super-fast. The wide game was as usual fantastic and the rule changes suited it well. Looking forward to my final year, in which I will finally get to lead a squad.

Hannah – I experience my first year of 14+. Everyone was so welcoming and kind. I also loved spending time with Sadie and Elizabeth


Elizabeth – I had a great time at camp this year with an amazing squad. I can’t wait for next year!! I’ve made so many memories this year and I’m excited for our week in the isle of Wight.

Holly – I had an amazing time at camp this year. I had a good squad and camp concert was my highlight.

Fred – My highlight from this year was the camp concert as I always really enjoy it.

Dylan – My highlight of the week was when I won Super Squad with Squad B.

Nana – My highlight of the week was seeing old faces that I hadn’t seen in a while and new people coming to camp every year and the laughs and jokes I have with my friends!

Christopher – My highlight of the week was going to a new camp field for a new experience although still having loads of fun with friends.

Emily – I think this year camp was a great success. Loved everything about it. Would love to go back.

Charis – This year at camp was definitely a year to remember. Despite the rain, camp was a huge success and there was never a boring moment.


Albert – I enjoyed inter-squad for its sporty touches and tweaks and I loved the meals that the cooks served. I loved being a junior because everyone was so welcoming.

Anna – This year was great, hunt the officer had good costumes and tuck was nice.

Edward – My camp highlight was winning hunt the officer.

Eloise – My highlight of the week was going to the beach for one of the juniors evening programs.

Nathan – My favourite part of camp was our last junior night #SO FUN

Moyo – My highlight of the week was the beach. I also enjoyed the game at the beach.


Alex – My best bit of camp was going to Flambards because there were so many rides. My best ride was the up and down ride with mummy and Albie!

Corey – My best bit of camp was going on the Dino Express at Flambards, and the many games of peek-a-boo.


Kaylee – The highlight of camp for me was seeng the friends I know feel are family. This is one week of the year that my entire everything waits for. As we travel back home on the coach, my body is tired but my heart is full and my soul restored. Alex, Oscar and I are so thankful to everyone that has made this week an absolute joy!

Julia – I loved coming back to camp and feeling like I had never been away! Such lovely people. They all made transitioning into being a kindie parent easy, and I never felt left out once. Love you all!

Meg – This year at camp did not disappoint – there are many reasons why this is my favourite week of the year. Particular highlights for me included the “Camp News” segment each morning and the hunt the officer in the gorgeous St Ives. I miss everyone already

Rhi – I had a fantastic week back with my camp family this year. I’m always inspired by the dedication and teamwork of the staff and this year was no different! There was so much fun and laughter throughout the week. It’s time to get planning the next one now!

Sophie – This year at camp was my first year as a staff member and needless to say it was hard. However as always, my camp family made the transition as easy as possible and supported me throughout the entire thing. Even though my experience of camp was different this year it will still be missed just as much as it usually is.

Graeme – This years camp highlighted to me the family of the camp community. Each member with their own part to play and area to contribute. Together, an incredible team that have a great week. This year was such great fun with amazing games and entertainment. It remains a week I shall forever attend where I can.

Simon – My thoughts about this year? 500g of minced beef = 1 Handful. It was very nice to be back and contribute to the camp. NEED to sleep!

Caleb – I think this year was a success. Really loved how everyone pulls together to get things done. Would come back next year.