Current ETA 5.30pm

Instead of PT we finalised the last of our packing. We were greeted with a tasty breakfast of cereals and warm croissants with jam – a tasty way to start the weekend!

After a hectic couple of hours, we managed to pack up our coach and minibuses, and were all set to head home. But not before we were each given a Cornish pasty and some crisps and fruit for lunch on the journey! Certainly beats having a sandwich!

So far on this journey we’ve watched films, played games, and had naps. I think it’s safe to ay we are all absolutely knackered from the last week! And while none of us REALLY wants to leave camp, we’re all certainly looking forward to seeing our friends and family and being reunited with our own beds.

With an ETA of 17:30 back home, we’ve still got a few hours left to enjoy with our camp family, and I think I speak for all of us when I say I’m already counting down the days to next year’s camp.