Our Fridays at camp are usually pretty relaxed, but this year was a little different! As we were planning to leave so early on Saturday, we spent lots of our time on Friday packing up and getting ready to break camp the following morning.

Every camp Friday we have our Super Squad competition in the morning – this is essentially another sports day, but played inside and involving many more one-on-one games. From egg and spoon races to sack races, and welly wanging to ribbon dancing, everyone really gave it their all and made their squads proud.

After this we had our last cooked meal of the week – a deliciously cheesy cottage pie. With full bellies we went on to enjoy an afternoon of free time and preparation for the camp concert. This relaxing afternoon is always a great way to finish off the week, as it gives us all a chance to unwind and reflect on the fun we’ve been having since Saturday.

And now for the camp concert! Where do I even begin?! With so many acts and fantastic participation from all staff and campers, the concert was truly one to be remembered! We had kindergarteners bravely standing up on their own and singing songs to a completely captivated audience, we had juniors playing guitar and beautifully singing a group song after lots of practice throughout the week, we had a squad squeakily squeezing balloons to the tune of Jingle Bells, and so much more! Not to mention an arm wrestling competition, a Family Fortunes style game show, and some fantastic solos and duets. Everyone really gave it their all, and performed some incredible acts. This was in addition to a brilliant performance by the staff concert team, who had us on the edge of our seats in anticipation, waiting to find out if Buzz and Woody would ever make it back to camp!
And so, after such an exciting evening, we all retired to our tents one last time. Well, all except for the 14+, who stayed put for their traditional annual barbecue. We had to make a few alterations here, and the 14+ enjoyed their barbecue in the safety of the cookhouse, as we were battling with some very questionable weather! Now, I’m not sure if any of you happened to check the weather in St Ives yesterday, but we were issued a yellow wind warning from the MET office. And they weren’t exaggerating!! Throughout the course of the day the winds had slowly become worse and worse, and by the evening we had even come up with some contingency plans for worst-case scenarios. Thankfully we did not have to use any, and instead we had several staff getting up for shifts throughout the night to keep an eye on things, and hammering in tent pegs as and when the wind ripped them out.