The rains poured and the winds howled upon a blustery Thursday at camp. This did not peterb the Seniors, however, who carried on fantastic games inside and outside the Markee in the drizzle. They had great fun with some unique and interesting games. They then went ten pin bowling in the evening and the kids showed off their prowess in the alley.

The 14+ also went ten pin bowling but in the afternoon, where Robbie and James beat the staff with high scores! They battled their way back through the torrential rain to play an evening of games in the marquee. The rain didn’t dampen any spirits but the tired 14+ were thankful for their warm bed and a good night’s sleep. Especially after last night’s wide game….. congratulations to James, Jess and Simon (2/2) for getting into the square.

The Juniors had an amazing time at the indoor soft play area where they ran around like monkeys! Climbing, diving and crawling they chased each other round for hours of fun. They finally enjoyed their coco in the marquee before heading to bed.

The wind howled and the rain hammered at the tents all through the night but the campers and staff slept soundly in their sleeping bags. Ready for the next day.

We are gearing up for today’s sport now!!! Followed by camp concert.