So, here we are, Wednesday! We have again been blessed with a beautiful day and another lovely beach trip.

Also football rounders was a smashing good time for all the kids (and staff playing).

The kids this year are winning prize tokens throughout the week…. and some of the big prizes have now been snapped up….. massive slippers, bubbles, bucket O beef, mobile charger and battery. The grand prize is still up for grabs.

Wesley cleaned up at the bingo…… winning a whooping 5 tokens. But even the unlucky players loved it.

Of course we are now at the point for the anticipated game of the week, ‘Hunt the Officer!’ This year we have been finding all manner of outfitted staff (and some kindies too!)

From fishing gnomes, spiderman, an astronaut who landed on the beach and a massive dinosaur! There truely was great fun had by all.

This is only my third year at camp and I am always struck by how quickly and easily we settle into our camp family roles. Because BCYC is family, we have new and old people join every year. It is an ever growing community of wonderful people. Always willing to lend a hand and help wherever needed. From swapping roles to entertaining kindies to just being a good friend. We are so lucky to have this opportunity to share with each other and the absolute bliss of camp and all the chaos it brings.
Tonight brings the Wide game, as I write the 14+ are getting ready to leave and seem to be discussing their tactics of how best to get in the square. Watch this space…