Today was our annual camp day trip, and this year we ventured to Flambards theme park. Before setting off on the refreshingly short coach journey, we sat down for a spot of breakfast in the marque. We had our usual morning announcements, whilst enjoying some delicious egg and ham cups. Unfortunately the heavens decided to open, and the field was suddenly full of kids and staff alike, all sprinting to their tents because they hadn’t zipped up the doors!
Eventually the rain died down enough so we could walk to the coach without getting drenched, and we set off immediately for the theme park. Well, that’s what I’d like to tell you – we actuallygot pretty soggy on the way to the coach, and then our eagle-eyed QM realised that we’d left the packed lunches behind! Thankfully we hadn’t quite set off yet, so we were able to run back and grab them from the cook house.
Crisis averted, we finally headed off. The journey may have been short, but that didn’t stop our Adj from putting together a fun quiz to pass the time.
When we arrived at Flambards we split off into groups and headed out to enjoy some riveting rides and awesome attractions. After a few dizzying hours out in the park, we reconvened for a spot of lunch – a tasty selection of sandwiches, crisps, chocolate, and fruit. We replenished our energy, unwillingly shared with a family of wasps, and then set off for a few more hours of Flambard fun!
Several roller coaster rides and log flumes later, our day trip came to an end. Back on the coach we got, and commenced the short sweet journey back to camp, where we were greeted with the warming aroma of freshly cooked garlic bread! What more could you want after a day of fun?!
Plates of lasagne and salad and coleslaw and cheese and garlic bread were taken back to our tables, and were followed by our traditional Eton mess dessert. Kudos to the Camp Organisers here – they did away with our usual plastic cups for this dessert, and used our own bowls in order to reduce our plastic consumption and help save the planet! Go team!
With full bellies we tidied up the marquee in preparation for the Camp Organisers’ Mega Programme (or simply C.O.M.P!). We played a selection of exciting (and somewhat unusual!) games, including one that involved throwing bananas into hoops, and fun was certainly had by all. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait til tomorrow to find out more about our evening programme, as it’s far too late and we’ve got yet another busy day tomorrow! Stay tuned and watch this space!