14+ Day Out

What a day, the 14+ faced many many fears as they faced the adrenaline quarry.

The day started off with a mini bus journey not fazed by the buckets of rain that was coming down on to it, plenty of good (and not so good) songs plus some very questionable dancing.

Upon arrival we were all changed into wet suits and kitted up with a life jacket and lead to the entrance of the aqua park, which was an obstacle course on water. Three massive slides that dropped off into the water, one swing that you had to jump from and many others areas that you had to climb, jump and run around. Many of the 14+ favourite part was the 4 way sea saw where they used it to try and throw the other members off into the water, showing how much strength they had to stay on.

After 45 minutes on the water it was clear that the 14+ and staff were all exhausted and desperate for some food. Due to the cafe on site we was able to grab some cornish pasties, ice creams and cold drinks, as well as everyone tucking into the sandwiches the staff had prepared.

After lunch, we had again was kitted up into gear, this time driving gear. Go karting was our next agenda. All 19 of us on the track at once, it was like we was in the fast and furious movie. There was drifts and turns round that corners that even Lewis Hamilton would be impressed with. There was sheer determination on everyone’s face to over take the person in front of them, causing some very close calls on the track.

The final activity that concluded the day was the big jump off the cliff. Harnessed in, two by two the 14+ jumped off the cliff attached to the zip line. They went over the aqua park and onto the soft ground.

All in all, everyone enjoyed the day out and they can’t wait until next year