Sorry….. what a busy day!!! Following up from Jo’s rather poetic view of site as a place of rhythm and sounds, I’ll take my opportunity to reflect on some of the Stranger things.

For example, why do seagulls eat washing up sponges? How has sand managed to get into my toothbrush and just why did Caleb pour all the nutmeg into the bread and butter pudding?

I wake on Monday feeling tired and my shoes are ever so slightly damp. Yesterday afternoon ended with ‘tropical’ showers on the beach which continued into the night. It wasn’t until 8pm that I accepted the shower was less Carribbean and more Cornwall and changed into more appropriate gear.

I spent some time watching the 14+ and thier Minolympics and marvelled at the emotion shown by Robbie in finishing the “stack cups in a pyramid using only a balloon” game. Nowhere in the world has someone been quite so excited to place a plastic cup on a 3 cup high stack, especially to only finish 4th out of 5.

This morning was our squad sports with Benchball and Dodgeball the games played. Each squad came head to head with thier camper competition and some classic matchups resulted. Watching Naomi claw her way back from a near certain loss against a whole squad and watching Wes struggle to come to terms with a demolition job (of his squad) were particular favourites but the ongoing arguments with Sophie over the interpretation of certain rules just showed how much everone cares. We’ll have to invest in VAR next year.

Whilst the camp headed into a crowded St Ives for a town trip (I’ve heard rumours of two ice creams stolen by the local birdlife), I enjoyed the quiet site to plan the details of a game for the 14+ later in the week. Its one of the unique things about camp. You’ll never see the same game twice and you’ll always wonder what magic ingredient was in thier bread pudding when they thought some of them up (as indicated – nutmeg).

I sit here writing this with my 2 year old jumping from an inflatable bed onto my head shouting “my tent” in my face whilst he smiles a cheeky grin. This place does funny things to people – thankfully its almost always with a smile.
I’ll have to go now – he wants to watch a magic show in the marquee and I think I do too.

In the evening programs there were some brilliant games last night. With the following outcomes…. 14 Plus did the Minolympics with the winners being baoliegh (country) Lilly, Ben and Jess.

Junior played tightrope trippers, group 1 winning. A special mention to Olivia in group 2 for rock solid balancing skills.

Seniors tackled the Death Star Destruction – the winning team was Green Squadron – Charis, Emily, Holly, Caitlin. Well done all