Finally we are here, it took a little over 7hrs with one stop. The kids on the coach were well entertained with a couple of movies, Big Hero 6 and How to Train Your Dragon and a quiz….. the winnings will be revealed tomorrow morning.

So here we go, Belmont & Carey Youth Camp have done It, made it to our most westerly location ever. Welcome to St Ives everyone. We are looking forward to what you have in store for us.

Today is all about the first;

The staff are getting the site up and running, led by our site team (Caleb, Colin and Andy) and first orderlies team. The campers are seeing their tents (new bedrooms) for the first time. Time for them to get settled into their tents. Sleeping bags out, roll mats rolled flat and the fancier ones are pumping up air beds (how times have changed).

We will run our first bingo session shortly for people wishing to play, with some great prizes to be won. Then on to our first meal together thanks to Megan, Barry and Georgie before the evening programmes kick off with Saturday night’s games.

So thats our first blog entry at camp, stay tuned as our next update will be tomorrow, where we will share the winners and games from the night before. For now any questions, comments or feedback please leave below.

Parents reading this, enjoy your first of seven nights child free 🙂