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1 Week To Go….

I know I am excited, and from the reaction I saw a few weeks ago when I dropped off two campers’ booklets – the kids seem to be even more excited.

It does take me back, and though the generations have moved on, the thrill of getting your camp booklet still lives on. They quickly flipped through the pages to find out (in their eyes) the most important things;

Firstly – Who is in my tent (“Which Avenger is Gamora”)

Second – Who is in my squad and what is it called

Thirdly – When is my orderly day?

Forth to be checked – Names/themes of the evening games for my age group.

Fourth – Who are the staff on my program (a disappointed children that Rachael wasn’t on Junior with her)

Lastly – Where is the Day Trip? (Flambards, I will look it up on the internet later”)

Like I said, it took me back to being a camper myself – excited to go to Carey and get my Camp Booklet, checking the same information (but without the help of Google back then). It was a pleasure to witness. Also it (not that I needed it) reminded me; why this Summer Camp is so great and so worth all the months that go in to planning it. Roll on the next 7 days and I will see ALL of you at St Ives.

Just a reminder for people leaving from Carey next Saturday morning, you should drop of the following items off the night before, so we can pretty much jump on the coach and hit the road at 6am on Saturday.

Friday night Carey Church’s doors will be open between 7pm to 7.30pm.

Ready to collect;

Your bags
You medical Form & medicines (if not handed in already)
Spending Money to put into the Camp Bank
Pre Order your camp photo


With one month to go, don’t forget to come to our Parents Evening this Friday.

Where is the time going……. one month until this year’s camp starts. Where will it rank when compared with the previous 42 before?

When you say the word marquee to most people, nowadays they will think of the Great British Bake Off. Well, that is because they have never been to Belmont and Carey Youth Camp. Say marquee to any person that has and they will automatically think fondly of Camp.

So with that in mind, let’s link the theme. For us, planning camp is like baking a cake; and it’s almost done!!!

First of all, we have done it many times before, so we know what to expect and what we would like the outcome to be. However, every time we bake we want to improve on the previous time. This led to our vision; to create what we did last time but make it even better – and this is what the Camp Organisers want to achieve.

So what are the key ingredients for baking and why are they used?

1. Flour – Provides the recipe foundation.

Our flour is the Churches – Carey & Belmont. Their support allows us to run this great holiday. Also, at camp we have the fantastic Chaplaincy team, giving the structure to share God’s word and love – in the form of worship, songs and prayers.

2. Butter – Holds it all together.

This is our able Adj, whose role at camp will be ensuring everything is running smoothly and to time, including checking everyone is where they are supposed to be. Making sure we are all together!

3. Sugar – For sweetness.

This is what gives us the energy, aided by our QM team who have planned the food we will have for every meal (including puddings every day). Plus our brilliant breakfast crew and daily cooks. All planned and sorted before we even get there.

4. Eggs – Add texture and bind ingredients.

Our eggs, and what good eggs they are – our Programme Leaders. Giving the texture to each age group with a brilliant set of plans for games and activities. With support from their programme team members, each group is ‘bound’ to have a great time (see what we did there?).

5. Liquids – Add leavening and tenderness.

Liquids act as steam during baking, contributing to the tenderness of the bake. Our tenderness comes in the form of care. We have three Medical Officers and two Junior Welfare Officers, all there to ensure everyone is kept safe and well.

6. Salt – Adds flavour and weight.

Within baking the salt strengthens gluten. Our strength comes in the form of our site managers. Helping to keep the camp site safe, working and clean at all times. Not a front of house job, but a very important one indeed.

7. Baking Powder – Adds the rise.

Well who at camp does this?! Our PT and Sports team of course, who have worked out a number of methods to wake everyone up and get that energy high. I look forward to seeing the fun sports days they have arranged.

8. Place in an oven for the right amount of time.

Our Oven this year will be St Ives….. we just have to hope it is set to the right sunny temperature all week long.

9. Icing – Adds flare.

All of the staff and other roles; including bank, tent inspectors, post, entertainment, concert team, photographers, tuck and many more. All these roles are important in helping to add to the flare, excitement and uniqueness that is Camp.

10. Now for the final step: Share with others.

And we are now ready to serve up this years ‘showstopper’ to our 40 campers.

We hope you all enjoy and Bon Appetit!

Don’t forgot to join us for the parents evening on Friday at Belmont. Come along for a baked doughnut and cuppa, pick up this years booklet (to see what squad and tents you are in), find out what to pack, what we have planned and the timings for travel.

I cannot wait!

Warren (aka Paul Hollywood)

45 days to go….

and 286 miles to travel! But i am sure, this year’s Belmont & Carey Youth Camp will be well worth the wait (like normal), and the miles will not be in vain as we venture off to a new site in St Ives, Cornwell.

Speaking to some of our amazing & talented volunteers over the last month, I have had heard about many great games, ideas, sports and activities planned, I won’t spoil the surprise.

Brilliant to see we have 40 children attending this year,  so there will be many new friendships made and new memories created.

Please feel free to come along to the parents evening at Belmont Church on Friday 5th July to pick up this years booklet, meet the staff and see what we have in store.

Warren (1 of 3 Camp Organisers)