Packing for camp

The list below covers everything you’ll need for your week at camp.

Wherever possible a soft bag should be used to carry your camp kit (they are easier to move around!). And please mark your name on all your kit or belongings so that if it goes missing it is easier to return it to you.

Some of the items

  Change of clothes (for the week!)     Bible
  Jumpers     Bowl, Plate, Mug
  Spare underwear     Cutlery
  Nightclothes     Potato peeler
  A set of old clothes     Tea towel X 2
  Swimming kit and towel     Notepad & Pencil
  Waterproof coat/jacket     Wash kit
  Trainers     Hand towel
  Strong walking shoes or Boots     Sleeping Bag & Pillow
  Torch & spare batteries     Blanket (for warmth)
  Crocs/wellies/flip-flops     Roll mat
  Hats & Gloves     Concert ideas/props
  Pre-addressed Postcard & Stamp     Spare bin liners


  1. Junior’s Potato peelers are provided by camp
  2. Bibles will be provided for campers who are attending for the first time
  3. Bin liners are used for dirty clothes and for packing bedding on the return home