Table Top Taskmaster (Saturday Afternoon) – Carey and Belmont’s youth camp’s opening ceremony. This will be a massive game involving everyone attending camp. In table top taskmaster, you’ll be set a series of challenges by the Taskmaster himself. Think outside of the box impress him for as many points as possible.

Fellowship (all week) – Music, prayers and teaching.

Squad Sports (Monday & Friday AM) – Team sports with your squad members – with prizes to be won.

Town Trips (throughout the week) – We visit the town a couple of times giving plenty of time to get any souvenirs or gifts for the family (oh and to visit the amusement arcades).

Day trip (Tuesday) –

Overlooking the stunning South coast of the Island and set in beautiful cliff top gardens, Blackgang Chine offers an enchanting experience like no other. Venture on a journey of discovery…. the park is filled with an eclectic mix of attractions, magical theme worlds and exciting rides – waterforce water slides, cliff hanger roller coaster and pirate barrel ride – you’ll find adventures around every corner, something for everyone. 14+ have a separately organised day trip – the details about which we like to try and keep quiet!

Hunt the Officer (Wednesday) – Hunt the Officer is a memorable day out in the town where you’re tasked with finding the Camp Staff hidden away amongst the public; some tough to find…some a little easier.

Day trip (Thursday) – As a bonus this year the Juniors and Seniors will be heading out for a second ‘day’ trip. The park offers a fantastic blend of rides, falconry and adventure playgrounds. NEW for 2017… Squirrel your way through a spiraling mesh tube suspended around our Canopy Skywalk, high up in the tree tops. Just don’t look down.

Camp Bank – The camp bank is where you keep your money safe throughout the week. Hand your money to the banker the night before camp starts and he’ll keep it safe. And then use your camp issue bank card to get out money when the bank is open. Simple.

Camp Tuck – We have a selection of sweets and drinks on site to buy during the week. The tuck shop is normally open at the same time as the bank. Note – There is a £1 a day limit for tuck to make sure you don’t go over the top!

Beach and Swimming (throughout the week) – During the week we take several trips down to the beach or maybe to a local swimming pool (weather dependant) which give you a chance to brave a swim in British conditions. On a hot summer’s day, nothing beats a swim in the Sea! The area of sea available for our group will be marked by members of staff wearing coloured swim caps

Evening Programmes (Throughout the week) – The evening programmes are split up into the specific age groups and led by a group of staff who take the age group for the whole week. The games played are often inventive ‘one of a kind’ activities, and take place out in the open, whether on site, in the woods or down on the beach. All you need to remember is to get involved and have fun!

Camp Concert (Friday) – At the end of the week we hold our annual themed “Camp Concert”. It’s a whole camp activity where everyone takes part. Every year is fantastic fun with acts to rival Britain’s Got Talent. The camp concert is an opportunity to show off your talent or skills, and to create your little bit of camp history. We’ve had singing, acting, circus skills, comedy and even a spot of poetry. What will this year hold?