Lancashire classic

The traditional image of a peeler, with painted wood handle and orange thread grip (beware plastic replicas) is still apeeling;, this one performed ok but scored low marks for looks.


Warren adds “It made really hard work of what should be an easy task. The blade seemed blunt and became clogged with peel straight away but as a traditional peeler; it’s cheap as chips and generally good with potatoes and apples.” A healthy 6/10.


Swedish Swivel

This cheap, lightweight Swedish potato peeler is a single piece of tubular stainless steel incorporating blade and gouging point.


It looks great and is the easiest to clean, but is ineffective and a pain to use. It is not suitable for left-handed people. “Very ‘Ikea’,” said Warren, “perfect for stainless steel kitchens but not very practical. It’s uncomfortable and it slips when wet.” A half-baked 5/10.

Modern Y

This peeler is for everyone, with an extra wide comfortable grip of the handle and a clever design.


The peeler glides along the vegetable in one smooth action, taking a wide slice of thin peel off the potato or whatever, with it’s sharp blade, not like the old style peelers that just take a thin short piece. Star-ch of the show. 8/10